Adding ways that we may participate in to increase DC?

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Adding ways that we may participate in to increase DC?

Earning a whole bunch of community points doesn't seem to be very valuable, especially when the points stop increasing once 300 community points are reached. Posting LOs in the gallery and/or for pixelscrapper challenges doesn't earn DCs unless you win the challenge. I'm just wondering if additional methods will be implemented so that we may earn DCs, besides $ contributions? I think this would be awesome!

Thanks! smiley

I guess, no?

Hi Cindy, sorry for the much-delayed reply! I saw this the other day, and then forgot to respond to it when I meant to smiley .

We'll definitely take your suggestion into consideration. One thing to realize, though, is that with the free daily credits and all the opportunities to win credits, we already give away a huge number of free downloads every day smiley . Which is exactly what we want to do. But we also have the reality of hosting and bandwidth fees, etc., and the fact that Marisa and I are both working on this site full time. So while we love giving away free downloads, we also really need people to support the site after a certain point. I hope that makes sense smiley

Jordan, it definitely makes sense, and I do understand! smiley The only opportunity to win free credits is if your LO is chosen in a challenge, right? Thank you for replying! I donated before, but it's just very difficult for some of us to purchase enough DC on a regular basis in order to be able to dl the monthly kits. I would LOVE to donate on a monthly basis, but it's just not possible, at least at this time.

I understand, Cindy. As far as ways to win free credits, there are the challenges, and sometimes there are other giveaways that come up as well. Keep an eye on the forums and Marisa's blog, and you'll be sure not to miss any opportunities that come up smiley

Thanks again, Jordan! I appreciate your candidness and desire to help!

I was also thinking about improving the DC past the 300 community points. Possibly even paying a monthly membership fee would work for this "Monthly Kits".

An ever-growing number of sites are offering $ coupons to their store for completing's a great incentive to participate...maybe pixelscrapper might want to consider this?

@Cindy: well, we do already give download credits (our equivalent of $) randomly to some people who participate in challenges... or are you meaning that these sites offer $ coupons to everyone who participates in a challenge?

The thing with Pixel Scrapper is that our main giveaway is giving free download credits to all our users every day. It would be hard for us to then give more free download credits to everyone who participates in a challenge... do you think it would be better to take away our free daily download credits, and just give free credits as incentives for participating in challenges, etc?

In a nutshell, I'm not sure. It's very motivating to earn $ points by completing challenges...and I don't feel the same desire to complete challenges here just for the sake of completing them. However, it's nice to receive the dl credits, which leads you to want to visit the forums and explore or ask questions when there are so many helpful and knowledgeable people to to address your issue(s). Also, if you donate, the idea of earning points to purchase items is null and void, as well. Having said all of this, I think your current system is probably best. I really enjoy coming here, not just for the dl credits, but for the awesome forum with all of its wonderful members and topics. Keep it the way it is, that's my vote. smiley

okies what'd I miss? I thought DC increased every time you doubled your points ...does it stop at 300? Or do you get another at 600? I thought I understood it but I missed a beat somehow. Dang!

If i could, i change the way i gave my DC. I mean, it´s so boring have credits to download the entire kit or template kit, and can´t do this. I´m thinking on make a donation this month or at Feb/14...

This will solve that problem Claudya, and still help the site to survive. We will for sure be very grateful if you can support the site by donating, even if it´s a small contribution smiley Thanks for thinking on that.