Notification for comments and messages you receive [partly done]

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Notification for comments and messages you receive [partly done]

I just realized that one of my pages got a nice comment, but I had to open that page first to realize it was there. So, I'm wondering whether it's possible to add a feature where users will get notified whenever one of their layouts has received a comment? (Other galleries will have a kind of message tracker, telling you how many messages you've received, and if you frequently visit that site, you'll know immediately when someone has commented on a page.)

Yep, this feature is on the to do smiley

Sitting here smiling! You guys are great, so thank you thank you!

love that this is in the works! smiley

Great news Jordan! I actually got emails the first two weeks when someone commented on one of my layouts, which was really working out for me... and then it stopped... bummer smiley But having this onsite will make up for the loss of those emails smiley Thank you so much for all the great alterations you are doing, it's just getting better and better!

Yeah, thank you!

I'm glad that one's coming. It's a great idea.

Oh goodie, we need this!

Are you planning to set things up so that we will receive email notification? That would be great! Currently, I don't know how to check for comments or responses to anything! I don't always remember where I posted a question, for instance. Thank you!

Thank you for adding this awesome feature!

Yes, Cindy, I'm hoping to get a notification system up sometime in the next few weeks... will post more once I've made some progress smiley

This will be great on the galleries too! Thanks for all the work!

YAY!!! I'm so looking forward to this feature.

I would really like that as well, and it would be nice if the email notification could include the comments made so you can hold on to them & refer back to them (in case they offer constructive criticism that you could learn from smiley ).

Yes please - I left a comment on one person's blog because I was not sure if she'd find my post in a particularly active thread. I'm not moaning mind, I think you have done a wonderful job here and its fun watching it build and devlop too.

bump to top... so people will see this has already been answered... smiley

bump... still a great idea.

cant wait for this, its my most waned feature. would also be nice if we could "subscribe" to notifications from particular threads, or designers.