Boy Kits/Elements Suggestions

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Boy Kits/Elements Suggestions

I'm working on a more boy-themed kit right now, spoiler alert, it has dinosaurs. What kinds of things do you like to see for boys? What kind of elements? What kind of patterns? How about word art? What should it say

I just caught myself thinking, "hmm, maybe I should put some flowers in here...." Haha! Suggestions would be appreciated.

Green! I like boys kits with army green smiley Maybe pinwheels, circles and ovals istead of flowers, foliage and grass, maps...

As far as patterns, anything with stripes, dots, circles, plaids, any type of shape made into a pattern works, or chevrons.
Elements: arrows, a few flowers never hurt...just a little more on the masculine side, ropes instead of ribbons are great, any type of shape made into some sort of element, buttons, tags, bottle caps, stitching.....
Wordart...this would depend on the type of kit your going with but basic words or phrases that boys would say or do...(they are always getting dirty!)

I found a few on Esty while trying to find some for my own pages...boys kits are hard to find, especially when looking for non-themed kits.
I really liked these:

just for some ideas for using shapes to create the elements or even patterns.

Algunos papeles para niños entrando en la epoca adolescente, fuego, guitarras, calaveras ,cosas militares, aviones ,rock,fuego etc

Translated to English with Google translate.
Some roles for children entering the adolescent period, fire, guitars, skulls, military things, airplanes, rock, fire etc.

I just bought a kit from Megan Turnidge called 'Lil Dude' and I absolutely love it. I haven't been able to find a boy kit that I though to be cute enough for my son's age, but that one hit the nail on the head. Dinosaurs are definitely a great idea. For elements, obviously dinosaurs, trees, buttons, string, maybe dinosaur foot prints, shapes, a sun. For patterns, stripes, circles, plaid, argyle, wood, torn papers. The only thing that comes to mind this early in the morning for a dino kit is 'Dino-mite!' Hope this helps and I can't wait to see it!

I know if it's anything like my lil man there would need to be legos or blocks and rope. You'd think he couldn't survive a day without it. What about denim pockets or tools?

Dirt! I think it should have green (grass or army) and brown (dark and dirty) colors at least. Some muddy footprints, a couple of dinosaur-bones (maybe shaped into a frame?) or a row of dino-teeth instead of the 'ordinary' banner or ribbon. Oh, and word-art like "monster/little monster" is always a good idea for boys smiley

There is this funny word art I saw somewhere on Pinterest: boy, noun, noise with dirt on it

The other things that I like for boys are space themed doodles or retro - martians, rocketships, stars, moons, comets,

Sounds like you have several different themes that can be created over time.
cars, trucks, dump trucks
bats, balls, golf (my grandson loved to swing a golf club when he was 4 and did very well at it), sports for young kids
bikes, trikes, scateboards
spiders, bugs
sholvels, digging, hills to climb
dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, birds
slides, ladders, hammers, nails, wood boards

There is so much you can do.

Bugs, sports equipment, tire swing, tree fort, baseball cards...

Off the top of my head.... messy rooms, torn jeans, unkempt, dirt, mud splats, nerf guns, bug collectors (all kinds, exp. lightning bugs), explorers, climbing trees, tree house, sling shots, swinging on tire swings, cowboys & indians, boy scouts, curious, scientific experiments, robots, legos, nerdy, computer geek, wii/gameboy/minecraft, mp3 players, music (electronica is real big w/teens right now), vehicles (all kinds - cars, trucks, dirt bikes, go kart racing, pinewood derby, etc.), outdoor sports (camping, hiking, fishing, swimming (& doing "dive bombs" in the pool), canoeing, rock climbing, biking, skateboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, etc.), sports (soccer, baseball, basketball, football), pets (esp. big dogs). Not sure any of those things will work with dinosaurs, but thought I'd throw those out there...

Great ideas everyone! I'll be set for a while. The spaceship theme has caught my fancy...

I sometimes like more of a prep school (Think Dead Poet Society) theme for boys. Colors of navy, brick red, mustard, a craft color (would that be heather tan?); patterns of plaid, stripes, chevron, and argile; font would be collegiate of nature bold thick line block letter with white centers; elements of books, trees, hats (like fedoras and newsboys) and classic cars.

Just Jaimee released this kit (It's a Boy Thing) not too long ago. I loved that it included elements and colors that were boyish but were also very unisex.

I like the Prep School theme too! Could be good for teenagers in general.

Stars, cars and monsters smiley Patterns you tend to find om babycloth smiley

@Heather: Oh, yes, I love that idea, too! If a kit had a darling little fedora, I would probably buy it just for that! haha

Something for tweenage boys.....the 10 to 12 year olds. X box, DSL, etc. Team sports of their participation...Little League, soccer, basketball. Superheros (the modern ones), cartoon characters, MineCraft, Mario Bros. Denim, grungy white, cartoon logo colors,. Good for all ages - Harry Potter, Hunger Games, books, kindles, smart phones. All this in addition to everything mentioned above.

My teenager loved the show "Tower Prep" - it was a short-lived show, but it might give you ideas...

I would love to see some unusual color combos. Everything for boys is blue and green. What about orange and grey or aqua and yellow?

I was going to say orange, too. Orange and grey is a great idea! I've also been seeing yellow and grey on women's clothes lately but it looks very boyish to me, so that might be a good combo too. Aqua or teal would be great in either one.

@ Harriet... I love that idea ... I'm having a hard time completing LO's about my 10 yr old (he's turning 11 in a couple of months) ... everything I see is little boy geared!
For the in between age ... I would say:

For papers, I would like to see hunting type with deer, hog, ducks, water fowl design, like the real tree or mossy oak type patterns, ooh how about some amo (like 22cal bullets?) pattern? stripes with grunge and torn pages and maybe some splats of dirt on them, out doorsy types (LOL).

For Elements: ATV's, Trucks, Dirt Bikes, bows, rifles, amo, arrows, boys with bow or rifle in hand aiming, deer, ducks, hogs, elk, birds, trees (forest), netting?

Word Art: along the lines of: Boys will be Boys, Hunting with Dad, Hunting, Get Ready ... Aim ... Shoot, Got It!, word art has always been difficult for me when it came to boys!
Themed: sports, video games, gears, chevrons, dirt bikes or atv's, space themed, hunting type (my son's getting into big time hunting here in Texas this year!), oh and paint balling? um ... I'll probably be back with more.

I like stars instead of flowers in boy kits.

And I'm eagerly awaiting seeing this boyish kit!

You gals all rock! What fabulous ideas you all have! Right now I am working on a baby kit.

If you are doing dinosaurs in an ancient theme, you might want to design word art that looks like it was carved into rock, and add some petroglyphs for enhancement...........But if it is more like toys, you may want to use a zoo theme.

My boys are now teens and doing a layout seems to get harder. I like the post about using orange since I always seems to pull in blues and browns or their school colors of red,white,blue. Orange may be just he pop of color I need to change things up a bit, especially for doing their cross country and track layouts.

I love using orange, brown and blue in layouts. Or red, grey and yellow. I've even been known to slide some pink and purple in small doses (the pint, not the gallon!).

I love to see robots and the colors orange, brown and green

Well you have a heap of ideas already and if you are working on Dinosaurs I suspect it is aimed at under 12s - would be nice to see some actual skeletons or good scientific drawings used on backing papers. I see lovely cutsey dinosaurs around but very few realistic ones.

If you ever have time I would love some "young men" stuff.

I too use stars and splats to replace flowers for boys and bottle tops or brads instead of gems and that woven ribbon with the dotted line down the centre or twine rather than the pretty ribbons.

I am sure it will be fab whatever you decide on!

We don't have little boys except for nephews in our family. They are all from farm families who hunt and fish. When I make goodies for them they always include images of tractors, trucks, farm stuff (farm animals, fences, etc) and hunting/fishing motifs. My big boy (hubby Drew) has his own scrapbook loaded with John Deere embellishments and lots of hunting and fishing themes.