Prep for April Blog Train: File name lengths?

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Prep for April Blog Train: File name lengths?

I've just been wondering, back when I was actually staying up with backing files up onto disc...I would have problems with the length of the file names. They would be truncated after a certain length, and when the specifics were placed at the end of the file they would be lost. Is this still the standard?


We were trying to "tag" the files by putting the names of folks into the file name.

Is there a limit on the length of the file names that we should take into count as we name our elements?

Humm.... We already discussed this file name issue before... But I can´t find the topic...

I can't remember the exact techy stuff on this, but what file length you can use is determined by how you have your OS configured. The newer OS will let you have file names longer than 8 characters (old way). If I remember correctly, I think you can have up to 255 characters now. But I'm sure someone who can actually confirm this will jump in.

Sorry, Lorien, I saw the older thread a while back, but couldn't find it again to add this question to.

Okay, that explains it then Cat, I'm still operating in the 'old world'. I just didn't know if the newer systems were allowing the longer names, or just that so many of us have gone to the external drives and don't have to have file names that pass through the file truncating.

If your system is truncating the file name you will get file names like "Patpap~1.jpg" or whatever the first 6 characters and with the tilde (~) and then a number (its been so long since I looked at any of this tech stuff I can hardly remember it...).

yeah, that's what happens when I try to burn to disc, so any details put at the end of the files are lost.

I'm going to have to learn how to zip better, so that when making a backup to Disc, I can unzip from the disc and still have the info in the file names. That AND get another external drive, I like to be able to see the files, I'm SUCH A VISUAL thinker!