Designer Challenge - Frames - Deadline March 14

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Designer Challenge - Frames - Deadline March 14

This Week's Challenge: design a frame.

Interpret that as you'd like smiley

In this thread feel free to leave the following:

  • An image and link to your design.
  • Questions, tips and advice for completing the challenge.

Due Date: March 14, 2013 noon (UTC/GMT +3 hours)

See designer challenge rules here.

Today I am the "fast birdy" :p But I have an explanation: I was in need of a scaloped frame for a blog train portion, and was planning to do it this morning anyway. It´s my first time doing scalop from scratch (I followed this tutorial from Marisa). For the examples I used some papers I made for a blogtrain (you can find the full s4o/s4h mini kit here). The frames are CU free, I hope you enjoy them smiley

Click Here to Download (it goes to my dropbox)

Here is what I came up with:

Click here to download (Mediafire)

Here is my frame. To use a paper for the body pattern, first drag it onto the top of the template and then drag it between the "add body color" layer and "body" layers.

The black diamond paper is from Marisa's Bedouin Nights kit.

I love to make frames. I usually make extra frames for any kits I purchase out of the papers in the kit, but alas, no papers... so I made some chipboard and cardboard frames (with a bonus cluster):

You can download them here.


They are all gorgeous!!

Great job by all~!

Thanks, "fast birdy". Love your scalloped frames. Thanks for the download link. I'll put your frames to good use!

Thanks, Saskia. I'll put these frames in my "patriotic" folder. I'm sure they'll be used. Thanks for the link.

These frames are perfect for my genealogy pictures. Thanks for the download link.

Wonderful job on the scallop frames! Thanks so much Lorien!

Love the star cutout on your frame Saskia. Super job! Thanks for the download!

Oooo, Harriett... it looks like a cell phone! Love it! Thanks so much!

Love the color of your frames Nicole! Beautifully done. Thanks so very much!

Wow Chickie, I love love love those cardboard frames!

Thanks for these wonderful frames.
@Lorien - I can see these being real cute for a baby girl layout - pink frills and lace
@Saskia - I think these, especially the blue one, would look good on a toddler boy layout. Kinda of a pottery barn feel.
@Harriett - How up to date. These will be good for teenagers or if you what to scrap a screen shot. Super awesome that you can use your own paper.
@Chickie - I also really like these, there are to many layouts I could use them for to name just one.
@Nicole - I can see yours with a cluster of elements on a layout with quite a bit of white space.

First time I'm in for a challenge here, here is my part:

Download here (mediafire)

You are very welcome!

They're awesome!

Such great frames, all of them. Thanks ladies.

Everyone is doing such awesome work! Thanks so much!

i made 2 sets. i did one in grunge because i wanted the challenge, but then realized that it wasn't practical for most people. so then i made a set from Brooke Gazarek's Wood 001 Paper Template. Hope these are useful! smiley

Download HERE

Download HERE

Harriett, love the Smartphone frames!! Such a good idea!

I love how everyone's designs are so well-coordinated! Love them all! I have designed a few frames, but they are a mixture of designs in hopes that you can find something to fit almost any theme. You can download them from my blog, here.


Please don't hesitate to give constructive feedback.

Girls, these frames are awesome! Ty smiley

great frames!!!!!!!!!

Sunny your work is beautiful and so creative!

Download here. (MediaFire)

Thanks for the fun challenge, Marisa! I am very much looking forward to the next one.

And thanks to ALL who have shared their frame creations . . . excellent work all the way around. You all inspire me greatly with your creativity and generosity.

Great work everyone! I've created my frame, but I'm going to include it in my April Blog Train kit, so I'll "hang on to it" for now. smiley

I´d like to say a huge thank you to all that shared beautiful frames with us this week. As I love frames, and sometimes it´s very hard to find one that goes with the page I´m doing as some designers don´t put them on kits, or they are from a different shape as I want the picture to be, I´ll recall my "frames" folder under "Pixel Scrapper Design Challenges" from now on when I need a beautiful resource smiley


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