Weekly Challenge - Layout Recipe - Deadline March 14

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Weekly Challenge - Layout Recipe - Deadline March 14

Thanks everyone for participating! I've given you all 10 community points. And congrats to our winner Elizabeth M. Be sure to check out all the layouts and leave some love!


I thought we'd try something a little different this week. I've seen this done in other places, hopefully I'll get it right. I'm going to give you a list of ingredients which you must use, no more, no less.


  • 4 unique papers
  • 10 unique elements
  • 1 alpha
  • 1 word art
  • # of photos - you choose

I just pulled these numbers off the top of my head, so hopefully they will work out for you.

The list might have some wiggle room in how you interpret it, but do your best to follow the spirit of the exercise. If things are a little unclear this time, I'm sure the kinks will work out for our next try.

Important Details

Due Date: March 14, 2013 noon (UTC/GMT +3 hours)

Tag: challenge recipe march 2013
Make sure you use this tag exactly, so we can browse easily through the gallery and see all the submissions, and so you can get your points. Please only tag one layout.

See basic challenge rules here.

Check out finished and entered layouts here.

Since I am new to this, what do you mean by "unique"?

I've been learning how to make my own elements ... this will give me a chance to test them out LOL

By unique do you mean self made originals or just different from each other? In other words can we use papers and elements etc from other designers? Either way I am looking forward to trying to meet the challenge but may be time constricted from designing all from scratch.

No photos?

What does unique mean, and can we use photos?

I think that unique means: You can't use the same paper or element twice. It really is a challenge! This weekend i'm gonna give it a try.

I'd like to try, but as an absolute beginner I'd be really frustrated if I did it wrong. My questions are the same as the ones already posted. Does "10 unique elements" mean 10 elements and only 10 elements, all different? Do I use photos?

This was a very challenging challenge for me. 4 papers was okay but I hardly ever use 10 elements ... plus word art and alpha! Whew! I think I made it though by layering some of the elements to look like one.

Laura--I don't think you would ever be "wrong" in what you create. To me that is the beauty of being creative--there is no right or wrong. Sometimes we are our own worst critics but I love these forums for the positive and constructive feedback they provide.

Give the challenge a try with your twist. I am going to this weekend with my twist. It will be neat to see how our twists turn out!

Well, that is true! I think I'll try if I can stay up tonight ... and just give it my best shot, right? I like what you did, Harriet!

@Emily - boy do I remember that one. I was a girl scout leader for two troops for many years. Love it.

"10 unique elements" I meant 10 different elements, don't use the same one 10 times. So you should have 10 different elements, but you can repeat those if you'd like.

Photos -- haha, an important thing to specify! Use any number you'd like.

Okay, thanks, Marisa! That is what I originally thought you meant, but then I was doubting myself. Last night when I started I just went with it so I did repeat some elements. Good to know I'm on the right track!

I'll come back and share when it's finished.

Wow.. it was really a challenge.. especially using 10 elements. But I really enjoyed making this layout.

Okay, here's my layout, and I really hope I did all the link stuff right! Let's see if it shows up!

Woo! I think I did it!

Laura, You're a beginner???? Whatever. smiley Love your page! It's colorful, and well laid out.

Thank you, Meridy!

I am totally a beginner! That is ... I think it's the seventh page I've done. I'm pretty proud of it though!

My First challenge at Pixelscrapper!

Laura--your page turned out great. Love your color choices.
Mya--your photos are priceless. Your little one was worn out playing!

Okay, this challenge really brought out the OCD. How do I count the elements? If you count it individually, then I have 11. If I count the paint splats as one, then I don't have enough. Does the background paper count as one of the "original" papers? I chose a plain paper for my background, so I didn't count it. I made my own word art....I had to tell myself that it counts because I am an artist. smiley. I hope that my journaling is okay according to the rules, but I have to journal. Ack! I just decided to leave it the way it is. All that being said, this was a fun challenge and would love to see more like this one in the mix up in the future.
See it here.

It was a challenge to use 4 papers in a layout but here it is:

Merdie, I love love love your layout it's incredibly exciting. Moontje, I love that you scrapped your love! I admit I've never scrapped my husband smiley I'm going to have to give it a try! Beautiful work ladies!!!

Here is my page for the challenge:

I like it, Chickie! So cute how the arrow connects the words!

Myja, Thanks! Love the layering on your layout and the sweet pics.

Great layouts everyone!


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