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That's what the incentive would be for....

Hmm, no downloading. Don't know if I can do it. Lol. But I need to get more layouts done! smiley

LoL: The true hoarders in us are being revealed... ;-0 -- NO downloading... are you mad? hee, hee Then we'd have to start a group called "Fibbers Anonymous"... smiley

ooophf, NO downloading? Wow.... I'll test run that for a couple of days before I enter that challenge! And I'll have to start tomorrow since I downloaded some of Brooke's brushes BEFORE I saw this post, hehe!

Because I have particular layouts or projects in mind when I'm hunting, I tend to be picky.

That doesn't mean that I don't go 'oooh, shiny!' occasionally, though. smiley

I'm with Angela - I used to download everything but it got to the point that I couldn't find anything because I had too much stuff. I got rid of 95% of it and now I only download CU because I don't want to unintentionally violate copyright. I just recently did the same thing with my closet, I got rid of about 50-60% of my clothes and it feels great. I feel unburdened.

Ooh, fellow hoarders!

Well ... I've been browsing around the digi scrapping world for about a week or so now (and then a couple days ago found PixelScrapper) and following blog trains and generally link-surfing. But luckily I've been limited in downloads (um yes, I do have a few freebie downloads already!) because a) we live in the country and my internet is sllloooowww and b) I was so overwhelmed that I am only downloading stuff I absolutely know I like. I've passed up anything with an iffy color scheme/theme and I definitely prefer certain styles already.

Not download now, in exchange for community points and thus being able to download more later? I can imagine myself agreeing to that and then blowing it! I would love to watch other hoarders try though!

So nice to know I'm not the only digi-scrap product hoarder!!! I have more than I would ever use in a lifetime unless I start scrapping for hire!!!

What a relief to know I'm not the ONLY one!!! I have been in a perpetual state of Downloading for what seems like months now. What I need to do is actually create some pages with all this content I have!

I am glad to see this! I knew I couldn't be the only one who hords scrapping downloads! I will gladly join the Scrap Horder's Group since I have SEVERAL external drives FULL of downloaded stuff and most of it I've never used. I know I need to get rid of LOTS but can't seem to find time to do it - spend too much time looking for MORE stuff, lol!

Seriously, I have to get a handle on this and trash bunches of stuff. Maybe if I tried doing a little each day I could make a small dent. We shall see how that works out!

I also now only d/l if I am sure I will use it SOON! That is at least cutting down on time spent downloading!

Deleting content is just as hard as throwing out printed pictures. I just can't seem to make myself do it. smiley

When I first started, I used to download heaps. But now I tend to only download things I really really like.
And I also go through my stash about every 6 months and do big cleanouts. I find things and wonder what I was thinking when I downloaded it. But I still have kits, ect from the very early days of when I started, because they still hold their appeal to me.

I also don't download everything I see anymore. I create so much of my own now and never use somebody else's. That way I don't have to worry about copy write etc. I must admit though as a mixed media artist I do still download many vintage and steampunk, grungy images. I mean ..... you never know when a project is going to call for that image. I'm addicted to the old out of copy write books too and will clean up and use those images to create with.

Well, since I started this thread a year ago, I have to admit... I've downloaded so much stuff my head is spinning and I've only made 5 layouts in the last year!! Aaaaackk! I'm hopeless!!! Just shoot me now... smiley

I know what ya mean, Cat - my hubby tells me I spend more time downloading then making pages... LOL I guess both of us need to make some changes. smiley

Every month I feel I download less. Also, I´m making a stash cleaning, and deleting some freebies I downloaded just because and haven´t used. The nice part is to find nice kits and templates that you downloaded and forgot about...

To me Lorien, that is the BEST immediate reward to going through your kits and destashing... FINDING the awesome kits you forgot you downloaded that you never used. It's kind of like Christmas smiley But I have to make myself ignore how many I actually throw away realizing I'll never use them because I wasted time grabbing them in the first place. I've learned to really check out a new designers 1st or 2nd downloads well to see if I truly like them and will use them before grabbing everything they have.

One thing that has made it easier for me not to download besides not wanting to spend more money on another EHD {haha} is that I really like to take the time to leave meaningful "thank yous" so that part of downloading freebies to me can be very much a "time guzzler". So, I can download 20 items in 1/2 hour maybe if I take the time to find awesome ones, but with my typing skills (never was my strong suit, I'm a hunt and peck typer) and wanting to say something meaningful, I can spend another 1/2 hr just writing those (at least). So because I'm not one to grab and run I tend to just avoid downloading a lot lately. smiley For Ex: all these lovely ladies made these wonderful kits for us for the wedding kit, and I've got about 10 days left to grab them and I've put it off this long because I know it will take me a couple hours between the downloading and writing notes. smiley For example it took me 20 minutes to write this post... whew, maybe I need to spend my time and take a typing class. LoL

That's why I love this place so much is because I know we have top notch designers... and the new ones are so willing and generous to share their lovely kits for me to decide in an informed way. smiley

Lorien said: ...I´m making a stash cleaning, and deleting some freebies I downloaded just because and haven´t used. The nice part is to find nice kits and templates that you downloaded and forgot about...

Wow, I thought I was slow on writing - I need to think carefully before writing long paragraphs in English - but you may take the same time as me smiley But yes, I also need to take a period of my day when I deceide download a blog train... And I never do that on the first days, so I don´t get the traffic jams.

I figured out that another thing that makes me take a long time to use kits that I download is being born on the wrong hemisphere and not having the money to change it smiley For example, when I made this layout, a couple of weeks ago, I was going mad for not having a kit with the colors I wanted - and the only kits I could remember were the ones I downloaded recently, full of purples, blues and deep greens - then, I started organising the kits folder to find something and found a lovely blogtrain from the middle of last year. And seriously, I was going mad trying to figure out what to do for this layout...

These days I can actually think on what I´ll use by seing the previews, since I have some things I like the most, and some random "not really my style" random stuff that I do sometimes. And most of the freebies that I download are blog trains...

Edit: Just checked: It took 20 min to write this message...

Well ladies, I think I have finally turned a corner this year. One of my good intentions was to completely stop downloading (aaaargh), because I have so many downloads already that I could probably scrap hundreds of pages. So, until I scrapped with every single one of them, I deny myself any further downloads. And (drumroll please) I have succeeded for these past three months!

To be honest, I still download stuff I need for my designs, but only if I use them instantly, not in a hoarding fashion.

I have to say, I am pretty proud of me smiley

I just started doing digital scrapbooking, so right now I am a hoarder smiley But I have been using everything that I have downloaded since I don't have much of a stash yet.

I am defintely a hoarder and download too much and spend too much time organising files then actually scrapping. I am now trying very hard to only download things that appeal to me and know I will be able to use but I think I'm just as addicted to finding and downloading free scrapbooking supplies as I am to scrapbooking!!

WOW! Now that takes some definitely will power......I'm still searching for the mean time, I guess I will have to keep downloading smiley

I admit, I'm a freebie hunter addict! But I only download things I really like, not just because it's free. This may seem odd but I actually like the process of downloading files and filing them in their places on my hard drive. I think i's something to do with being organized. I've a need for order and my physical world is not in order at the moment so I enjoy trying to be organized digitally. I know, just weird!

I have to say though, in my own defense smiley, that this site hasn't helped me at all. smiley I bought the years subscription for unlimited downloads...

@Cat: LoL I know!, Right??? We're enablers of the best kind... smiley

I try to be honest with myself as to what I will actually use (which is so hard!) But I will also sometimes download something I'm not really sure about because my taste might change or I may find a new idea for using that particular file.

When I first started scrapping, I downloaded just about everything but now I am fussy, just download what I think I will use....

My problem right now is CU stuff - especially if its time limited. I'm always thinking to myself, "but what if I need that at some point".

I was and am still to an extent, a hoarder. Probably one of the best things that happened to me was when my computer and my EHD crashed. I lost some extremely precious photos in the process, which I still mourn, but I started over with my kit collecting and have found that it is much easier now to delete kits!

This (my PC crashed, not an EHD) but it had the total opposite effect on me. I was in control of it UNTIL I lost all my layouts, my photos, my kits. It made me a hoarder for a few years. I didn't want to let anything go... even if I really hated it. AND even stuff in my house. I never was a hoarder in the sense of the TV show type hoarders, but in my heart I struggled with the whole feeling of the great depression type... what if I end up with nothing thing.

NOW what I do is once a year I watch about 5 or 6 of those episodes and BAM!!! instant SPRING (I mean hold on to your underpants, even if you're wearing them) cleaning/purging. I still hoard on the computer somewhat cause it seems easier to do. Out of sight out of mind... But I have a better perspective that if I lose it, the world isn't going to end.

PS Don't get me wrong... I just like every other female alive still has that pair of jeans and dress in the back of my closet I keep lying to myself that I will one day eventually fit back into them (even if they NEVER do come back into style). smiley smiley LoL

...when my computer and my EHD crashed. I lost some extremely precious photos in the process, which I still mourn, but I started over with my kit collecting and have found that it is much easier now to delete kits!