scrapstacks anyone?

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scrapstacks anyone?

Anyone else on ScrapStacks? It's like Pinterest only for scrapbooking. It's in Beta now but looks to be very cool! Yay, another time waster! smiley But since I have a scrapbooking board on Pinterest it might be a duplicate. We'll see....

I have never heard of it. Thanks so much for the link! Can't wait to go check it out!! smiley

i will check it out! thanks!

Thanks for sharing. It seems like it might be a bit redundant with Pinterest, but a good place to look for layouts.

That sounds really interesting!

Yep, I have an account a Scrap Stacks... not much on there yet, but I like to have a look around when I get the chance smiley

Thank you for the link, I will check it out. I always like seeing what others are doing.

It's pretty cool being that it's just all scrap layouts.

I do have a question though and maybe a concern for myself using it... and that is this: With all the tightening up on infringement stuff (which I agree wholeheartedly with) I'm thinking this looks waaaaaaay too much like pinterest! Almost like someone may have copied (lifted) the coding and made a very few and very slight modifications to it. I'm thinking this might be a lawsuit waiting to happen and be going buh' bye quickly. But that may just be me. UNLESS... Pinterest owns this website too and they are creating individual sites to be more art category specific, but I don't see why as a business major myself, any company would do that...

So what do others of you here think about my thoughts? Absolutely NUTS or it really won't matter since it's a website (maybe you can't copyright websites) I mean I'm just very curious about some thoughts going around about this site if there are any out there really. smiley

Actually you can copyright your work and the way it is displayed, the only problem is proving that someone has stolen your work. This is one reason that it is important to add comments to your work which is not displayed. You can also copyright your design work. But if you are sharing it than it will be very difficult to control the users.

This is something that has and will continue to be a problem with anything posted on the web for designers in all aspects.