Where in the world are you?

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I live in the countryside about 20 miles from London, England. Here is a photo of one of our 'get away from it all' places. A lovely secluded fishing lake. If you look closely you can see the fishing rod on the right hand side and the float in the water in the centre of the foreground.

I live in Cove, Oregon, in the United States. Cove is a valley surrounded by the blue mountains, and has a population of approximately 500 people within the 84 square mile radius. Cove is a farming community. Farmers grow wheat, sunflowers, mint and corn. Other farmers raise cattle. This is the view from my front porch:


Because it is spring here, the cattle are now having their babies. It is so sweet to see all of the little calves running and playing with each other. Yesterday I counted three babies in the field across the street - this morning there were nine babies! The count keeps climbing.

Wow... beautiful places.... I live in Jakarta, Indonesia where there are only two seasons exist... summer and rainy seasons... T.T it's really nice to see Nancy's winter pic >.< everything in white >.< hopefully one day I can go to snowy countries too smiley

I'm from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I would post a picture, but right now there is too much snow, so I have no motivation to take a picture of it. I do however wish I was living somewhere warm ... I guess that's what vacations are for.

Hi everyone,

i'm living in the north of France, 250 km far from Paris, in the countryside of Lille (about 40 km from it), the closest big city where we live the first year of our common lives with dear hubby. Actually we are having much much snow ! (dear daughter in our garden with about 15 cm of snow in 2 days).

Lille by LouCreations.

@ Marisa: I'm posting about my trip on my blog. Today I shared about the flash flood in Petra! Oh, i would love to go back to that part of the world!

I live at Zevenhuizen, that is a small village near Rotterdam.
Our block of houses is one of the last in the village. From there it is a few kilometers to the Rotte:

We live in the right top corner smiley

So, I live in a very boring (in my opinion) place....near Detroit, MI. Born and raised. But my husband is from California. Here are some pics from our last visit. I would LOVE to move there eventually. It's just GORGEOUS in Monterey. By far my favorite city in California smiley

I live in Bolivar, MO - a small town in the Missouri Ozarks. We're surrounded by some of the most wonderful lakes in the state and trust me I and my hubby both get in our share of fishing. We have 55+ acres and love to feed all the wildlife in the area. Tons of deer, wild turkey, raccoons, and possums live on our land and we feed 'em all! We currently, for the third year in a row, have a pair of Canadian geese nesting on a small island in one of our ponds and I can't wait for the little ones to show up in the Spring!

I live in Minnesota. Love it in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. So tried of the Winter.

I live in Orlando, Florida now. In between the Mouse, Seaworld, and Universal.
Some photos I took in central Florida.

I've lived in Vermont, outside Boston in Massachusetts, and Los Angeles California.

beautiful pictures!
@Missy: I have been to Monterey and oh yes, it is gorgeous!
@Beverly: I have been to Minneapolis-St.Paul and we happened to be there on the weekend of the 100 mile garage sale around Lake Pepin. I loved it!
@Tiffany: One of these days I would love to visit the Mouse and the rest of your "neighbors"

Love seeing all these pictures from over the world!

I live near Seattle. This is the view I get whenever we go into the city via the ferry. I never get tired of it!

I loved watching all those photo's of where everybody lives, I will make some photo's soon from where I live (the netherlands)

Scarlett! i live in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, so i hear you! We see everybody posting snow pictures, and here we are sweltering in our sticky climate! i've never seen real snow either, but like you i hope to see it some day. smiley

I live in Northern New England... I'll have to scan some some time to share.

@Lizanne: or you could just google for a picture of a nice place to visit in your part of the world!

If you like the outdoors, you'd love the states I've lived in up here (ME, NH, VT) very picturesque & good place for those who like outside activities/sports (i.e. skiing, mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, snowmobiling, etc.). I'm not too far from Montreal, either, which is a nice place to visit (esp. Old Montreal).

Born and raised in Chicago, IL lived there till I was 20. Good food, good music, great fun there. I now live in Naples, FL. Good place to raise kids, beautiful beaches, warm weather and relaxing.

Hi, I live just outside London, UK, will post some photos soon. Love seeing all the photos, great thread.

Im from Mesquite Tx. Just 15 minutes from Dallas. This is where I work, and play. Its not my photo, but it is pretty.

I live in Baku right now but we will move to another country and city (AlmaAti/Kazakystan) in two months. But my homeland is Istanbul and almost half of the year I live there.

here is a view from our home:

and seaside:

@Kavel: I really love the time I spent in Istanbul and would love to go back!

@Marisa: When you go back to Istanbul, let me know. I love to meet you smiley And also Istanbul is a great place to take interesting photographs. Both antique and modern. There are tons of marvelous place to see!

and by the way, the photos taken at Baku smiley This city is my home for 2 and half years.

@Megan: that's a great skyline!
@Kavel: i've been to Instanbul and yes, it's an amazing place!

I'm currently living in Cornwall, the southern most county in the UK, we are mostly known for our small quaint towns and many beaches. I was born and raised in the city of Bath, which is pretty famously known for Roman Bath that the city is built around and for the other Roman architecture around the city.

Hi smiley Greetings from Singapore! Im new here.... and can't help posting after seeing soo many pretty peektures of places around the world. So nice to know you guys have come together from all different parts of the world. smiley
Will post pics of Singapore soon!!

I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I have lived here for the past ten years.

But I am from Kentucky. smiley This is where I spent my childhood.

Eau Claire Wisconsin here. USA smiley