Individual papers included in kit?

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Individual papers included in kit?

Is there a way to know if an individual paper is included in a kit you already purchased? There are some individual dl's I want, but I can't tell if they are included in kits I've purchased or plan on purchasing. Thanks for your help!

When you look under the asset you will see one of two things:

Part of Kit


Not Part of Kit

Perhaps in the future we can have an indication of assets from kits you've downloaded, but for now you'll have to look.

Are all papers and assets the can be downloaded individually part of a kit? Are there any that are only available individually? (Sorry if this is obvious or available somewhere else that I didn't notice.)

Yeah, I'm still kind of confused. Marisa, your explanation is great, but I'm confused when the kits are the ones that include paper templates. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the paper I like is already included in, say, the circles 1-10 kit. Thanks again!

@Heather: No, there are lots of things that are not part of a kit. Since kits are a recent feature on the site, I am working on adding old kits where most of the assets are already on the site. Also, there are various odds and ends that just stand alone. I suppose having a filter for items not in a kit would be helpful when browsing.

@Cindy: To tell if a template is in a kit, it's the same as with the assets. It will either say "More from XX kit" if it's part of a kit or just "Similar Templates" if it's not part of a kit.

Oooohhhh, okay, thanks Marisa, for explaining!

Marisa, well I just went through all 14 pages of the paper templates to see what I do not have. So now I know what I need to collect. It is really helpful when you show either Similar Templates or they are part of a kit. I had started this yesterday and when going back today I was searching wrong and ended up looking in one area that had a lot of overlays. Just curious, will you be putting the "Overlays" into kits? I you will then I will wait to start collecting. Appreciate all that you do!

The paper kits often have .PNGs in them, it just depends on how complicated the pattern is. I'm currently trying to figure out the simplest method for myself to upload the paper templates. So hopefully I'll figure out some sort of system soon...