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sell your creations

How many people here sell your creations?

Well, "sell" is a bit of an overstatement, as I have not "sold" anything yet... But I did just add my designs to a small store this month:

I did sell my kits a long time ago - about 8 years ago - and am working on building an inventory right now to start my own shop. Its slow going though...

I sell my kits smiley Not sure about posting links here but my blog is posted in my profile and any links can be found there. I have been selling for about 8 years and it is hard! You have to really be original and outstanding to make money at it. I am not at the level I am striving for in originality yet. You also have to get your product shown in a lot of places. That can take many hours of the day and you have to do it every day. I don't have that kid of time with everything else. I design purely for the pleasure and sell my designs so that I can make a little pocket money. I have improved 10 fold since I started and I think my designs make lovely layouts. I work hard on quality and making sure it all works together. It is work. It really is. I am looking for some good layout artists to join my CT team hard to find! I get people to apply, but honestly, they are not up to the standards I need to show off my kits. All the good ones are already on multiple teams. Thankfully, I do have a small team that does well, but need more. The better of a Creative team you have and a good number of them, the better your designs look and the more they are being show. It all helps to bring in customers.

Heather you have a very nice store. I am sure you will start selling soon. Do you create your own designs? Is so, If I may ask, what
software do you use?

Cat, you must know the ins and outs of the business. If I may ask, what
software do you use?

Jodi, you too know the ins and outs of the busniess. A lot of hard work and maybe you will sell. Yes, to enjoy designing
is the key. If I may ask, what
software do you use?

Thank you all for your response.

Yes, I create my own designs. I use very little CU. I use Photoshop CS6. Like Jodi, I design because it makes me happy. If I start making some pocket money, that would be great, but this isn't something I expect to bring in a lot of money. I do it because I love it.

I used to make all my own things - no CU stuff. But there really wasn't that much available - or at least not at the quality I could make my own. It was a lot of work and very little, if any, income from it. I'm going to do it again because I really like doing it and its another creative outlet for me.

Jodi, what is your design name?

Thank you!

Beverly, I use PSP 9 and Molly, my design name is Throwing Some Scraps Around. Thanks for asking smiley
I make more money selling my cross stitch designs, and yet, I spend way more time designing kits and making layouts. It has to be I am still searching for that one thing that will make me unique....don't think I will ever find it though. Another problem with trying to make money at this is that the business is over saturated...and people don't need to buy when freebies are readily available...good freebies!! So, you have to love it. Like Cat stated, it is a creative outlet.

Yes, I do. Have been off and on for about 6 years. I just got back into a store, after being out for a couple years while I homeschooled my kids. I also like giving out freebies (you can find my freebie thread in that section of the forum if you'd like). And yes, it's a creative outlet for me. smiley I used to cross-stitch but it kills my shoulders and back to sit there hunched over the fabric.

I agree that it's hard to make money at it, so it does have to be a labor of love, or it's not worth it.

I use a combination of OLD software - Paint Shop Pro 9, Photoshop Elements 4, and Photoshop CS2. They work for me, so I'm not going to make any changes until forced to (kicking and screaming). smiley

I sell my kits here: I've been designing for almost a year now. I use Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 smiley

Jodi, yes there are alot of freebies, thank you for all your tips.

Brandi, Thank you for your tips as well. I will take a look at your store. Jodi's store also.

hi Missy,

I have the old photoshop elements 2 and just purchased Photoshop elements 11. Still love my photoshop elements 2.
But photoshop elements 11 has a lot more to offer. Still learning how to use it. I will take a look at your store.

Jodi, I really like your Sandalwood Paper Pack, the colors are lovely! I agree with the over saturated market comment you made. I just began the new year designing for scrapbooking ( which is very new to me, but I have to say I see all the freebies everyday on facebook that are offered (and I am sure I only see a small portion of them), it does become overwhelming and I question whether I should continue!
Beverly, I use gimp and inkscape to design, and a wacom tablet(which I have yet to master!).

Well, I just opened up my "Shop" last night. smiley Its called Cat Scrap Fever. I only have one kit in the store right now, but I'm working on getting a few more things in there, but I needed to take a break since it was a lot to learn to get it set up the way I wanted it. You can find me here: Cat Scrap Fever

Nice Store, Betsy. I have downloaded both gimp and inkscape. Thank you!

Cat, great start to your store. I love cats, too!

Thank you Beverly! Cat, I just love the name of your store! Very clever.

I don't sell the graphic stuff that I draw for my scrapbooking. Although I've toyed with the idea of sharing them. I do sell some of the other stuff I make

Thanks Tiffany, nice store!

Thank you Betsy! Sandalwood was one of those kits that just came easily. Some, I have to really dig around to find the right feel and others just happen! Not only are freebies on facebook, but blogs as well. I try to offer a little something, like a QP or a cluster when I put a new kit out, but I have quit giving away small kits unless it is part of a blog train. I want people to buy from me. Not just visit me to see what is As Brandi said, it is a labor of love! Great products everyone!! I checked out your stores smiley