Bug: photo disappeared and community points deducted

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Bug: photo disappeared and community points deducted

When I logged in today, there was an odd message saying community points were deducted. Then later when I went to my profile page to update my email address (it just changed) I noticed that the photo I had previously uploaded to my profile disappeared.

Might be a bug.


Thanks for letting us know about this Shanon! It was indeed a bug that had crept in during the last site update. I have restored your picture and community points.

To everyone: this bug should not have affected too many users, but if you were one of the users affected, and would like your picture and/or community points restored, please let me know!

Apologies for the inconvenience.

My community points were affected as well as my DC. My profile has also been affected, of which I had to go back and fill in again

Your not kidding, my points have changed to 0, but went up since I put my name back. My information is gone. I had to upload my picture again just to post here.

Me too...I also had points deducted, thought I had done something wrong..lol And I had to re-upload my profile picture as well...

My community points disappeared!!!!!

I've got just one DC less, although I didn't download..

Very sorry for the trouble everyone smiley. I've given you all extra community points to make up for the ones you lost. Download credits should not have been affected by this incident; if you are sure that you've lost download credits, feel free to contact me, and I will look into it.

Sorry again!

Jordan: I know it's silly because it is of no effect on my download status, but I had nearly 3,600 before. I only remember because I was always (in my own random competition) "trying" to keep up with Marisa... LoL by 1/2 of her CP... with that said her's are a tad less too... smiley -- wonder why the CP changed so randomly as they did?

That's really strange Shawna: this bug should only have caused a loss of 5 or 6 community points at most! smiley . I will definitely look into that, and restore your community points to whatever they were beforehand (plus whatever you've gained since then). Thanks for letting me know!

Ooooh, a competition...

smiley hee, hee... not like I have a chance at catching up with ya! Just trying to stay 1/2 way behind & I can't manage that... LoL