Is this a little OCD?

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Is this a little OCD?

Okay, I have over 1500 sheets of scrapbook paper neatly filed away in paper keepers. Why do I not use them? I've scanned every sheet of paper that I own (well, except for the solid colored ones) and categorized them on my computer so when I decide I need a paper for a project I can open my files, find what matches what, and then print them out on my Epson Workforce 1100 printer or use my print to cut option on my Sizzix Eclips. Now that I've found this wonderful website the illness has only increased in magnitude! The up side to being able to download my papers is now I don't have to buy so many stinkin' paper keepers but I'm going to wind up buying a bigger backup drive! Thank you Marisa for contributing to my OCD problem (said with nuthin' but love). smiley

Lol I have done exactly the same every piece of paper I have in physical form has been scanned and stored on my EHD and with all my digital papers I know have a whopping 15,647 papers I am so glad I brought my EHD and even though I have the physical papers like you mine are stored away and I print some off each time I make a card so you are not alone lol
Jacki xx

Hahaha... you guys are funny! I see the benefit and I think it's great but I just do not have the patience to scan in that magnitude. What a cool resource to have though.

OMG! I wouldn't have the patience either. I have way too much digital paper to start turning my paper paper into digital paper. smiley

Quite an undertaking.

Ditto!!! I would go insane doing this... Although, there are some favorites I have that I am sure will no longer be available, I might try to do this with. But not until I'm going to use the very last sheet. LoL No extra work needed now. smiley

When I said 15000 sheets most of those are digital papers but I had to scan my physical ones as once you have used them they are gone (boo hoo) at least now I have them forever so to speak but yes it was a mammoth task

Most of the papers that I have came in packs of 180 sheets with 3 sheets of each design. I save just one of the sheets in my paper keepers and use the other two, but I don't ever use that last sheet. That way if something happens to my hard drive(s) I still have that design to scan again and use as needed. Oh, and for those that want to do this and scan their 12 x 12 sheets I use a really great free program call Microsoft ICE. It's a great stitching program so if you have a scanner that only will accommodate an 8.5 x 14 in sheet of paper you can run two scans and stitch your papers together. I find for most of my projects I need heavy card stock and the thinner papers just won't work so I just print out my scanned papers on either 8.5 x 11 or 12 x 12 cardstock depending on what size I need for my cards. And yes Jacki, it can be a mammoth task! I try to scan as I purchase so I can stay ahead of the game. smiley

I have thought of doing that, but I have such a huge collection of digital assets that I did not think it was worth my time. Instead I have used the sheets that had layouts as examples and matched close items to have a digital copy and a paper copy. I also have too much to take the time to scan. Love what you have done though. It does offer some extra designs to work with.

I go exactly with Shawna in this matter. For now, It is not a need - maybe someday, when my favorite papers are out of print for 10 or 20 years... Or maybe not, because, till then, I can possibly have better ones...

To answer your question ... yes, that is a little OCD! LOL. But I so wish I could be that organized and most of all, motivated to organize!

Yes, it's totally OCD. smiley But I wish I would have thought of scanning in some of my favorite physical papers for reuse! I have totally felt sad quite few times, when I had to say goodbye to my favorite papers as I've used them!! Oh, all of the could have beens......

Anyway, thanks for the great idea!

I envy you - I would never get around to it myself but it actually HURTS to use the last piece of a loved non-digital paper!!

Paula, one thing I've learned over the years is what goes around comes around. I'm seeing new patterns and prints that are almost identical to the ones I've scanned that I've been holding onto for over 10 years. Paper is kind of like fashion...that's also why I have a closet full of clothes and shoes! smiley

I'd never even thought of this, it's actually a very clever idea!

Oh wow, this is a great idea. I've scanned in a lot of my hand painted papers (ell, monoprinted with a Gelli Arts gel plate), but I never thought to scan scrapbook paper. I'll bet if I did that I'd have an easier time using my papers. It's a lot of pressure otherwise.

how do you scan the 12x12 papers though? or do you just scan whatever fits on your bed & overlap them digitally???

oh, duh, if I would just read before replying... thanks @Elizabeth smiley

But it sounds like you are ready for ANY project! Set to go!!

I wish I could be that organized!

Being new to this, that amount of paper saving and scanning just fascinates me. Like holy cow! lol. More power to you I guess.

I'm a terrible hoarder of papers and a digital hoarder too, but I have so far not turned my paper collection into digital. I don't have enough time left in my life to do that!