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FOR YOUR INFORMATION: I have a real own domain now! So I moved my blog to I did not check all links right now but I am on the way smiley. Just let me know, if something is not working. If there are any questions you can send me a message to me [AT] Thanks for the interest in my blog smiley.

I made it! My first Scrapbooking Kit!

I am happy to share it with you. And I would also appreciate any feedback...what you liked and also of course what I could do better as I am pretty new in designing my own stuff.

You can find it here: My Blog

You will also find some other free stuff on my blog as colour palettes or Photohop Brushes. Maybe you like some of them too. I am still improving a lot and I love doing this stuff in my spare time as I can use my "knowledge" also at work. Photoshop rulez! smiley

I love these colors. TYFS!

Great job!

I've got a new kit for you in case you like it. I am still trying out a lot so it might not be perfect at all smiley. Maybe you can use it anyways.

Here is an example layout:

And here is the kit:

For DOWNLOAD here on my blog:

I am still happy for any hints from you experienced designers smiley.

Beautiful designs, do you have any for commercial use?

Great job! Its wonderful as is!

fantastic x

I LOVE the green and purple kit! Those are my favorite colors.

Thank you!

Isa: thanks for the gorgeous textures and doodles on your blog too! I also started following your pinterest, great stuff... i love all the mixed media. smiley

New Kit about this awesome time of a year:

Here an example again:

Find it on my blog again:
My Blog

Love to hear feedback etc smiley

I love it - thank you!! Wonderful butterflies!

thank you for sharing... I like so many things about the Spring Should Come kit... the little cloroed doodled flowers are great... the paint spatter is fabulous... I really like the pink and blue tinted flowers... Dawn is right those butterflies are wonderful... thanks again for sharing!

Isa, it's absolutely beautiful. I love the looks you've created. I hope you will continue to create free kits, as I feel lucky!


thanks to the Pixelscrapper Designer Challenge I have a new kit for you:

You can find it on my blog as always: My Blog

And here is the kit - "Music On"

Thank you so much Isa - it's beautiful. Papers are always my favourite part of a kit and your papers are stunning!

Thank you Isa, your kit is just beautiful!!

Wow Isa! Your work is awesome and just improving! Keep it up!!

Thanks for the compliments :)...I am getting better smiley.

Really a nice job! Love the turquoise and chocolate!

Gorgeous kit, love the color.

Finally a new kit smiley [AND NEW BLOG DESIGN!]

Fly Away Kit

Lovely, thank you.

hi thank thank u so much.

Thank you. I love the ethereal quality of your kits.

Very artistic. Ty!!

I love the colors! ^_^

these are so nice. thanks

Love all the kits, thank you!

Hey lovely people,

finally I managed to put my "Designer Challenge"-Kit from July on my blog for free download. Enjoy! smiley

Download here:

ohhh your kits are gorgeous! Thank you! LOVE the green Christmas!

It's Christmas soon...time to start the countdown smiley.

There will be a freebie everyday until 24th of December. They will be available each for 3 days. So make sure to come back and check them out! On this page you will not miss a single one: Values of Life
You can also follow me on Facebook that you won't miss them: Facebook
...or on Twitter: Twitter smiley!