Do you prefer coffee or tea?

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Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Just for fun! Testing out our new polls.

46% (23 votes)
44% (22 votes)
8% (4 votes)
Total votes: 49

I am completely addicted to my "George Clooney - Latte Macchiatto" in the morning. No way of getting started my brain without it lol. smiley

PG Tips for me smiley

I prefer tea, but somehow I wind up drinking coffee every morning. I guess I need the wakeup call!

I start the day with brewed coffee, usually a latte in the afternoon and then end my day with decaf tea. I think I just like drinking something warm since I am always freezing!

LOL at your testing!

I prefer tea, as I can´t drink too much coffee, and that´s why when I drink coffee I try not to drink a simple, plain one, but to make coffee an experience.

I like both, but I drink way too much coffee. I drink coffee all day and then most evenings I'll have a couple cups of tea. I'm immune to caffeine now and it doesn't keep me awake at night. I actually will get withdrawal headaches if I don't have any coffee.

Almost every taste that exists smiley

Love tea, I drink hot tea all day!

Tea, I love the herbal teas

I adore tea, I mean I really really love tea. I have only found one tea I didn't like. I don't like it with cream or sweetener, just straight up. Yet.... I mostly only drink coffee with creamer. No idea why...

I drink both, but I love my flavored herbal teas! smiley

Easy, tea, black tea, green tea, and herbal. Cold or hot. No sugar or milk. Hot tea with a bit of honey. Cold with Lemon
I never formed a liking to coffee, as a result my husband makes his own.

---------> Addicted to Hot Chocolate, with a dash of Madagascar cinnamon.

I voted coffee... but actually I drink tea almost daily as well... only iced tea. {out of a quart jar... being in the deep south cliche I guess smiley

@ Laura LOL That sounds really familiar.

I love green tea, herbal tea, lemon tea, but every morning i drink 2 or 3, sometimes 4 cups of coffee.

Tetleys tea - I even pack my T-bags when travelling abroad ... sad! Not keen on coffee but I can drink it to be sociable if that's what's on offer.

I drink coffee in the morning. Cold tea during the day.

I really in love with tea especially chinese oolong tea... smiley I love the slight bitter taste and the scent... even though the scent is actually more like a dried kelp aroma (isn't it?) Regarding coffee... I don't like coffee so much... i can't bear coffee odor... it makes me dizzy somehow...

I am pleased to see the tea is barely in the lead, as I'm enjoying my morning cup.

I chose tea, too. and @ Scarlett: Oolong is my favorite too! I have the hardest time finding the good stuff here in SC. When I go home to visit Nashville I visit the Asian market so I can buy up several of them. Other than it my other favorites are Earl Gray (a little stronger, but I get decaf) and English Breakfast tea (lighter and smoother, great with creamer).

My favorite tea is one that´s made with strawberry leaves. It´s so sweet! Oh, and even if I´m drinking a tea that´s not sweet at all, I prefer it not having suggar.

Coffee all day long.

Mmmm, hot chocolate with cinnamon sounds good!

You need an "addicted to both" option in the poll smiley I drink coffee in the morning, then relax with a nice cup of earl grey tea at night - my favorite way to unwind!

I'm trying to drink tea in the afternoons, instead of my coffee. I like tea, but I just always want my coffee... sigh.

I've cut back to just the weekends (coffee & tea)... Trying to cutback on my sugar. Makes it more special, too, when I have that cup 'o joe or tea in my hand...

Espresso and lots of it! It's nr.1 on my daily survival guide. I like to make the stove top but also have a fancy espresso maker and one in development from a Kickstarter project. To see how the production comes to live is so much fun. This one will have a board that hubby can program to optimize the espresso experience.

I'm one of those people that isn't affected by caffeine, I can drink an espresso right before I go to sleep and it doesn't bother me at all.

Do I really have to choose.... I`m a owner of a tea coffee shop.... smiley

If I HAVE to chose it would be coffee. But I also really like some special teas... Also depends on the time of the day and that was not part of the question rofl!

Hot Chocolate all the way! And cinnamon is a great touch to it.


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