People's Choice: Choose the Next Mini Kit

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People's Choice: Choose the Next Mini Kit

EDIT: I have uploaded the Umbrella Kit! If you voted for that, feel free to change your vote for what you'd like to see next.


You choose what mini kit I upload next! When it's time, I will upload whichever mini kit is at the top! You can vote for as many as you like, but beware! The more options you vote for, the more your vote is diluted.

Some of these assets are already on the site, but in all cases I have added and expanded. As kits get uploaded, I will add new kits to this poll, so don't forget to check back.

Umbrella image
20% (23 votes)
E&G #2 image
E&G #2
16% (18 votes)
E&G #1 image
E&G #1
16% (18 votes)
Sisters Always  image
Sisters Always
10% (12 votes)
Perfect Day image
Perfect Day
9% (11 votes)
Love for Women image
Love for Women
8% (9 votes)
Cherry Blossoms image
Cherry Blossoms
8% (9 votes)
Radiant image
7% (8 votes)
Chacos image
3% (4 votes)
Total votes: 112

oh im loving the colors of e&g2

Can't wait to see which kit wins!

I couldn't choose between Radiant and Umbrella. I love the colors in Radiant, but I also think Umbrella could make a beautiful page.

I love the colors in Umbrella!

I voted E&G 2, but also like umbrella a lot so I will be excited if that one wins. You will download the others later, right?????? smiley

I like them all... it's really hard to pick one! I would be happy with any of them!

Goodness, it's between Chacos and Sisters Always. Ahhhh..... decisions, decisions... xoxox Beth

I love Umbrella. What a cute doodles, this kit makes me want to do a layout right now!

Is there no end to your creative genius and enormous generosity? I voted for E&G1 but only because I can't vote for all of them. Can't wait to see which one wins.

It is hard to choose, but I like having the choice. smiley I like E&G1 the best but I do like a lot of the others.

Woohoo! My pick (E&G 1) is in second place right now.

E&G1 is so colorful.. love it!

Such lovely kits!

I love E&G 1, but it's getting to be time to scrap those April showers, so I voted for umbrella.

No worries everyone, as I will post them all, it's just a matter of which one you want first...

Hard to pick but I love the colors and flowers on E&G#2 and it looks like spring too!

LOL of course the one I pick is at the bottom of the list right now. smiley I tend to go against the grain...

Love them all, but working on a project for my sisters, so I had to go with "Sisters Always"!

This is reallu difficult, like them all.
I've voted for E#G2...

I think We want them all. Every kit has something special. I like E&G 1's colors so much and also sister always' papers but I voted for umbrella's beautiful clouds smiley Every piece of them looks like so lovely. I hope they appear as full kits smiley

Ack! To many cute mini's to choose from. I picked Sisters Always... I like how if feels.

Me too.Apparently, my desire for bright colors is not shared.

Love them all, but the umbrella one has caught my eye.

Oh you so kind there all so pretty hard to make just one vote thanks spmuch

I was having a hard time choosing myself. That's why I thought better to make you do it.

They are all very nice. You have such an eye for design!

I have uploaded the Umbrella Kit! If you voted for that, feel free to change your vote for what you'd like to see next.

I really love the colors and name of this kit. Love for Women

Ditto!! great comment

glad to see my first choice is in the lead! Enjoying the umbrella kit on a rainy day here in FL


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