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Is it possible to catelog by points also?

Sorry, Geri, can you elaborate a bit more? Not quite sure what you're asking...

Jordan, I think Geri is wanting to be able to filter 1DC or 2DC

Hey Geri... I think all assets are 1 point and all templates are 2 points, so you could try filtering out by either asset or template.

Caryn Love has it right. If I have 1 point left I'd like to be able to see what is available for 1 point or 3 points, etc. I noticed the time or two I was able to get in there is a change from 1 point to 2 points on what I looked at. Thanks.

I would certainly consider implementing this, but currently, as Jaclyn pointed out, the download credit system is super simple:

All assets: 1 DC for PU, 2 DC for CU
All templates: 2 DC for PU, 3 DC for CU