Happy Birthday extra credits [planned]

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Happy Birthday extra credits [planned]

Marisa & Jordan,

I was just on the emoticon thread and thought about a birthday cake emoticon, then it dawned on me that I have no idea when members birthdays were.

We supplied our birthdates in our profiles, so you would know when they do occur.

How about a Birthday thread where members would get a 'present' of extra DC's to use on their birthday. smiley or smiley

Please move this to Feature Requests, it's late here (12:55am) and I always forget to change to the correct forum for posting smiley

I think that's a great idea, Liz!!!

Great idea Liz!


I like this idea - it's always fun to get bonuses!

sounds wonderful!

Great idea!

It is a fantastic idea that ought to be implemented by the 6th of April... smiley Just sayin... It was just a random date and my birthday isn't on the 7th or anything... lol I kid I kid smiley

I agree with Heather. That would be great, and could be implemented ... um, soon, like before April. LOL

I´m laughing a lot with you ladies! You´re making my noon better XD

I'm with Laura on the "before April" thing...wink,wink, nudge, nudge. smiley

Me too - before April 8!! smiley smiley

Okay ladies, settle down.
These changes take time to implement and I'm sure they will de done by mid August. smiley smiley