One of a kind?

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One of a kind?

Is this site One of a kind?

I think it is. I haven't seen anything like it around and I've been around a long time. smiley

I like to think so smiley. When I started digi scrapping, I was so frustrated with all the sites out there that eventually there was nothing else to do but make my own!

I've never found anything else like it. I've never seen so many beautiful papers and templates, not to mention all the embellishment assests! I don't know how you do it Marisa and Jordan, but I'm sooooo glad that you do. smiley

As far as I know it is.

That's why I love this site!

Wow, Marisa! You are doing a wonderful thing. Thank you!

Thank you everyone for you comments

it is!!!!!

I've been digi scrapping about 8-10 years and I've never seen anything like it either. Part of why I like it here so much, too. smiley Welcome to PS!

Thank you, Shawna. I think it is a perfect site to learn Scrapbooking.

I do enjoy this site.

Getting free downloads is an obvious way that the site is unique but aside from that I think what is most unique and what makes Pixel Scrapper a fantastic place is the community. Every scrap site tries to build a sense of community but I think PS has a real community... probably because of the openness and generous spirits here...

Well said, Molly!

This is most active community digital scrapping website as far as I know... I never found website like this were people share not only the digital kits and images... but also share tutorials, story about themselves, and you can get to know the other part of the world through reading other people's story here smiley

Well said Scarlett! Something we take a little pride in here at PS. That's what Marisa and Jordan's goal has been all along to make it a personal experience that is "real". Part of why they ask us to use real names and photos to build that sense of community trust and sharing. smiley

I agree - it is unusual both in the generous way you can collect kits and receive tips and tutorials but also in the openess of the forums. I "belong" to a number of scrapping sites but I do not generally post anything. I think these open discussion threads and - yes - the actual photos of people does help.

I have been to many different forum/gallery type sites. This is the first time I come back every single day since I first joined. I have never done that before! Love it here!

I love the people, learning tools and the freebies.
Thank you Dawn and Jodi.

Yes! I think I could spend the entire day right here! So much to learn and share. Love the generosity of everyone.

Generosity of everyone, Judith I agree the site is overflowing with generosity.

I am so glad to have stumbled over this site! I have not seen anything like it before. It's the first time I feel at ease to participate in a forum and the generosity of all of you is wonderful! Thank you Marisa and Jordan for making this site such a wonderful place, for all your work and efforts. And a big thank you to everybody who participates in the community. It is such fun to get to know you all! smiley

It is. Can not find anything like it at all that is for sure.

Same here! This is a wonderful site - I'm so glad that I found it smiley

I agree, it's a great site, and I've also never seen anything like it.

Agreed. Totally different!!!

This site is amazing! Only been on it a couple days and know this will be my go to place for digital scrapbooking.

I think it is yes.