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Anyone else have a problem with 4share downloads?

I haven't noticed any problems.
Sometimes it helps to wait a while and try again.

Not lately

Thanks, I will try again.

I don't like 4shared because it automatically downloads to my DL folder, and I like the choice to dl to different folders.

I've never had a problem downloading from 4shared to exactly where I want it to go to on my PC... I put it directly in whomever's folder it belongs same way as any other downloader program or website.

I usually skip things that are posted on 4shared. I don't like having to have an account to download from there.

Thanks, I am still having problem, I will have to skip them too.

I don't have problems with 4shared, and i never had actually. In the past i used 4shared to upload my things that i've made. Now i use it to download.

I don't like downloading from 4shared.. i have to click here and there to download... T.T

What is exactly your problem Beverly? Although I don´t like 4 shared too much, I can download from there. 2 different things that are happenng to me in the download process from 4shared last weeks are:

- It opens a popup window, when I click the first "download" button. I just close the window.
-After waiting the 20 seconds, my download isn´t starting. However, in the page that opens after the 20 seconds, there is a place that say something like "If your download hasn´t started, click here". I click there, and then the download goes well.

Well, it worked fine when I first downloaded it, only problem when I opened the browser it would have 4share home page. I would correct it on options, but it would do it again when I used 4share. Now I can not open anything. It downloads but nothing is there when I open it. I have tried uninstalling and installing again, but that does not work either.

thanks for asking

I didn't used to have problems, but recently I've been having problems. When I go to 4share to download something from the people in this group, it starts to download an execute file without me clicking on anything, then my computer virus warning goes off, and I have to abort the process. I know it has to be the site, and not the file, because other people on the forum say they've downloaded the graphic files and are enjoying them. And the person posting the files is legit. It has now happened enough times, that I don't even try to download something if it says it is on 4share anymore.

Beverly, I don't think you should have to install anything from 4share to make their service work. So you might want to run a virus checker! Beware on 4share if it says ".exe" because scrapbook people here share zip files, or graphic files, but never "exe" execute programs. Beverly you might have more problems than you think.

I'm using a Windows operating system, so the virus software I use is free from Microsoft. It is Microsoft Security Essentials:


Not familiar with Apple software, so I can't help there.


Hi Engela,

I will try all the sugguestions. I am on Windows operating system, also. But I have trendmicro antivirus software.

Thank you very much!

I can never download anything on 4share, which is sad due to some of my favorite blog train downloads being on there this month.

I've never had to install anything to use 4share. That seems odd to me. Maybe you should go into your control panel and uninstall whatever you downloaded and start again?

Mediafire, on the other hand, makes me a little crazy. It opens 1 or 2 windows other than the download window (advertisements that my pop-up blocker doesn't seem to be able to catch) and frequently runs Captiva.

I've not known of issues before. I will add my link to box for those that don't do 4shared. I personally, have never had issues, but really dislike Mediafire for all there spam/link/popups...

I never have a problem with 4share. I had to make an account but it doesn't cost anything. And I agree I don't like mediafire because it always has pop up boxes to close and often has captiva.

Yes. I have a strong antivirus program (Sophos), and it blocks me from downloading anything from 4Shared. Wondering if 4Shared must add ads and links with people's downloads? If I really want a kit that someone has provided via 4Shared, I will email them and they usually will upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive. For those of you who use 4Shared, you may want to consider adding another option. Because I don't have a blog or sell scrapbook designs on a website, I use copy.com to upload my freebie kits (thanks to Melissa Ash at Timber Scraps for that lead). I've only participated in two blog trains, but so far, so good...

Yup, my favorite is Dropbox and Google Drive.

I like to offer direct downloads from my site but have had problems with my hosting companies ftp. While trying to figure all of that out I've been using dropbox. With this past blog train, I got a notice from Dropbox that they had suspended my account for generating excessive traffic..
I totally panicked when I saw that & the first link-sharing site that came to mind was 4-shared so I quickly uploaded there.
I had a couple people tell me they had problems with using 4shared & sent them an alternate link (different host) to use.. it was no big deal, if anything I felt bad that I had used a crappy link sharing site ;(
So, I can't speak for everyone, but just message the designer & (hopefully) they will be more then happy to help you with a different link.
(My dropbox has been reinstated and my link is back with them until I can figure out the ftp headache).

I was hesitant to sign up for 4shared at first, but they never send me any emails or spam after I signed up for an account... so its not bad at all and it really is convenient for designers to offer freebies there because they give a good chunk of space for free. Only really annoying thing are the video ads, but I mute them if I really can't stand them.

I too get annoyed with media fire and their pop ups and their captcha... ugh! lol

I have never had a problem with 4 shared, knock wood, but I also use box, which is also pretty good as free storage goes

I've never had any problems with it.