The History of Scrapbooking

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The History of Scrapbooking

For people who enjoy history and scrapbooking.

Paper or Digital History.

See what we can find!

I don't know the history of scrapbooking actually...
I started paper scrapping when I was in senior high school... It's more like diary between me and my girl friends... We put all of our feelings there about school stuffs, teachers, other girl gang, boyfriends, activities, families, and so on... The diary was passed on from one member to another to write each day... We embellish the diary paper with ribbons, glitters, cinema tickets, old negative picture film, and even peacock feathers!
It was such a nice time back there...

What a wonderful memory, Scarlett, that is part of the history, your history. Thank you for sharing.

It seems like there have always been scrapbooks. I'm not sure how the current movement got started. One thing I think that is missing in modern day scrapbooks is the actual "scrap" like tickets, programs, doodads and whooosie whatsits. What I have done is started to put those things into into a Smash Book.

I agree with that, Heather.

I agree with Heather that the "scrap" part of scrapbook isn't included very much these days. But on the other hand, I guess these days we're putting "scraps" of our lives on the page (as in bits and pieces). I don't know of anyone else in my family that scrapbooks, or if anyone in the past did so I don't know much about the history of it. I do know that this hobby has been around for a very long time. Its just become more commercial these days.

I have always tried to hang onto these doodads with intentions of scrapbooking. Still haven't got around to it yet but love the smash book idea.