Batch Processing in Photoshop

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Batch Processing in Photoshop

This may have been addressed but I looked at all of the topics and couldn't find it anywhere. I know how to use batch processing for certain actions but am wondering if there is anyway to automate re-sizing and saving re-sized files to a new folder, i.e. reducing 300 dip files to 72 dpi and then saving them in a new folder. I've been opening a dozen or so jpeg files in Photoshop and then manually re-sizing and saving each one of them, but it sure would be nice to be able to do them all at once. I'm all about shortcuts so if anyone has the answer it would be greatly appreciated. smiley

Usually what I do to resize, is make the new folder first, copy in the photos, and then run the resizing action on the new folder. All the saving methods when running actions confuses me, so I like this straightforward approach with minimum fuss.

Got it! Thanks tons Marisa! You helped me turn a several hour job into about a 30 minute one. Perfect! smiley