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Color Palette Generators

Hello all!

I thought I would share two fabulous smiley color palette generators I have been using to help create a color scheme for my layouts.
I recently came across a new color palette generator from Adobe called Kuler (pronounced color)
It is a free site where you can upload your photo and it will create a color palette for you. The features are fantastic for a free site and I highly recommend it. Once you save your color palette, you can then download it directly to Photoshop as an ASE file or write down the RGB or Hex codes for the colors and enter them into your software's palette.

The other, which is more simple, is It will also link you to Kuler or COLOURlovers.

For Kuler, all you need to do is sign up for a free account. Then click on Create>from an image>upload (which will be from your desktop file). Once the image uploads and the palette is created you can then save it with a name and decide if you want your palette private or public. After it is saved you then have the option to view the color information and edit the colors by clicking on the "slider" tab located to the right of the palette.
I find it very helpful in coordinating the colors of my papers and elements before starting any layout. Hope you all like it too smiley

Another one I use to use online is Color Schemer. I bought the desktop program years ago and still use it. I like that I can export the palette in a few different file formats, including jpeg and photoshop palette files. They also have thousands of palettes if you're looking for something random to work with.

absolutely love Kuler (by adobe)!!! Also like using the Sherwin Williams paint one believe it or not, pretty kewl!!! smiley You upload a photo and it gives you all the paint colors you would order to match your wants. But it's very handy if your wanting to use it scrapping... for a color scheme you see in a photo or inspiration piece, ad, etc. smiley It's called Visualizer, here's the link to it.

Hi ladies!
Thanks so much for sharing this information. So much appreciated by a newbie! smiley

Good subject! I forget to use Kuler, thank you for the reminder. smiley I'll have to try the other ones. Thank you everyone!

Don't forget Big Huge Labs, at

Thanks for the tips!

hi thanks. smiley

Thanks for the tips! I've been making my own but this will be so much easier! smiley

Thanks for the tips. I typically don't use one, but it would definitely be easier to come up with colors that way smiley

I've always used, but I will have to take a look at Kuler. Thank you.

Thank you all for the sites - these will be so helpful. I was creating my own.