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Paint Shop Pro Brush Links

I'm posting this link with three awesome lists of resources for brushes in both forums because it will benefit users of both PS and PSP. She shares the links to the brush creators websites but notes (asks) on her page to give credit to the place you actually download the brushes from... So, please do as she asks and give proper credit when you do download and use them.


Thanks for sharing Shawna!

Thanks for sharing, these are great links!

Appreciate these. Thank u.

I love brushes... thanks for sharing the links smiley


Appreciate the share,Thanks!!

I have also a list of brush sites (some are free some are not).

And if you find ABR brushes for Photoshop and you want to use them in PSP there is a way:
- if you have PSPX5, you can import them just like any other brushes.
- if you have a version older than X5, you can convert them easily. Here is a tutorial for it.