A TED Talk not to miss!

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A TED Talk not to miss!

For those not familiar with TED Talks, these are a series of series of live talks where people from all industries and hobbies give short motivational or educational talks hoping to effect change or to describe the changes they have already made that create a better world for us all...

In the one below, Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls talks about the Art of Asking. I just thought people here might resonate with it...


Thanks, Molly! I love TED talks so I sure will listen to this one. I let them play while I'm cooking or cleaning.

Me too... makes chores way better!

I dearly love Ted Talks! I've been watching tons on Netflix...can't get enough! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Molly, I will check it out.

TED talks are awesome. I too watch them on Netflix . Hadn't thought of listening to them while doing chores. What a great idea!

I will have to check this out sometime. When I am alone in a quiet house!!!

Love TED Talks!!! I'll be sure to check this one out!!!