Designer Challenge - Frames - Deadline March 14

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Here is a link to my frame. There are actually two files in the .png file and one .psd file. The psd file has all of the layers so you can easily add your photos then use a clipping mask. There is also an slight inner shadow on each of the frames which can easily be turned off if desired. The png doesn't have any shadowing at all.


Thank you for the frame downloads, everyone! The one thing (of many things) I like about our group is that our designs are so diverse -

I finally had a chance to download all of the goodies from this challenge. Thank you so much to each of the designers for putting their work out there and sharing their talents! I'm looking forward to using the designs in my scrapping. smiley

So useful Lorien - thank you very much!

Chickie - the cardboard frames are beautiful, thank you!

Everyone has created such lovely frames - thank you all so much for sharing them.

Very clever, Janet! I can't wait to scrap with it. This challenge has proved to be a treasure trove, so many unique frames. Thank you.

Wow, awesome frame, Holly!
Thank you for the share.

Really great frame Janet and thanks for sharing!

You are welcome Dawn!

You're very welcome ladies. It was something that I'd wanted to make for myself for quite a while. I'm glad to be able to share it. Hopefully a few people will be able to use it as well. smiley

Really great effort everyone! Thanks so much for participating!


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