Reduce set of photo's?

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Reduce set of photo's?

How do you all reduce a set of photo's? Do you use a special program or do you do it in photoshop? For a website i host, i have to reduce 15 till 30 photo's twice a week. For me, i use photoshop with a little action but i wonder if a special program is faster?

There is a program called Irfanview (free) that can handle batch conversions. You can resize, change the dpi, rename, change the sharpness, contrast, all kinds of things. I use it quite a bit if I want to resize a whole bunch of layouts I've done and to rename kit files when I'm read to zip them. It works great. I know it does a whole bunch of stuff, but I haven't even tried most of the stuff out...

Thanks, i'm gonna try it.

I love Irfanview smiley You can also do batch resizing in Photoshop Elements (probably similar in CS versions) under File-> Process Multiple Files.

I used it for batch resizing, now i have to learn to rename it all, that didn't work. ( maybe i did it wrong smiley )

@ Chelle I couldn't find it in cs5, that's why i asked if anyone used another program to reduce a set of photo's.

Great tip! I knew there had to be something like this out there, but just didn't have the thought to hunt it down~ Thanks for the thread!

Now I'm used to it, it works perfectly! Thanks for the tip Cat!