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Sharpening for Web

Do you sharpen your layouts for the web before uploading? What's your preferred method?

I usually don't. I just use the default setting for save for web on which ever program I happen to be using (either PSCS5 or PSPX).

I do. I use a Wendyzine (Studio Wendy) action that does a whole prepare for web thing - copies the file, flattens, sharpens using the high pass filter, adds a small color pop, and saves as a jpeg. I've modified the action to save to PixelScrapper standards (bigger jpg, higher quality). I have to admit I don't actually understand what the action is doing during the sharpening part, probably because I've never used the high pass filter independently. The action makes a separate sharpening layer, which I can change the opacity of if I want to make my image more or less sharp even after I've run the filter.

I find that sharpening is a real hit or miss, unfortunately. Sometimes I'll adjust the sharpening so that it looks just right at the time, only to have it still be quite blurry when I post online. Other times I'll oversharpen, hoping to compensate, and sometimes that works perfectly and other times it looks too sharp! I have so much text in my layouts since they're all Project Life with lots of journaling, and getting images crisp usually results in oversharpened text.

I really do like how much better sharpened layouts look in general. It used to be hard for me to spot the difference but unsharpened images tend to look blurry to me now.

What about you, Marisa? Do you sharpen? What method do you use?

I don't sharpen. That's why I was wondering if perhaps I should be...

I don't sharpen layouts for the web.

I don't typically they're so small, however if they are really detailed and it's hard to make out the journaling or such I will just enough to make it out; but it usually isn't a problem.

I always do for my photography business but haven't with any of my layouts. I figure that they're not for clients, so it doesn't bother me that they're not completely crisp.

And here I thought it was something everyone was doing except for me...

Ha, I thought everyone was doing it, too, so I started! I just use the Unsharp Mask filter in PSE. I think I followed Scrapping with Liz's instructions from a blog post on it.

I've never sharpened...

Never sharpen..........They are what they are, when created. I create my designs usually at 300 dpi, so I don't really feel the need.

I've posted my most recent Project Life pages to my blog, with sharpened and non-sharpened versions. I would be extremely appreciative and interested to have you guys take a look and tell me what you think. If sharpening is unnecessary, or even looks worse to you than non-sharpened, then perhaps it's an unnecessary part of my routine? Here's the link to the post:

And just to be clear - the sharpening like you'll see in the post only happens to the jpgs I am going to be posting online. I do sharpen my layouts a little for print, but that's a slightly different process.

Thanks Violet. I think I am leaning towards the sharpened ones-they seem to be a bit more crisp.

The sharpening does make the text easier to read, otherwise I don't think it's very noticeable. So for layouts with lots of text it's probably a nice touch, if you want people to be able to read what you've written.

Violet: I agree with Marisa, the words are easier to read. It does seem to make a difference though, I see the water droplets much clearer in the sharpened version. Not that people look that closely always to our uploads. I was really looking to see the apparent differences. Although, I myself only sharpen uploads for the layouts that are text heavy or are a smaller font used for ease of reading.

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I don't notice a difference much except for the text (the text is a bit clearer in the sharpened version).

i sharpen about 10% - just looks nicer. more than that it starts to look crunchy. paint the moon has a nice freebie sharpen for FB action