Large files slowing selection speed to a crawl?

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Large files slowing selection speed to a crawl?

Does anyone else have this problem? Any time I try to work with a file larger than 1000px x 1000 px , loading a selection slows to a crawl and takes several minutes just to load, which of course locks up my computer because there's no available memory for anything else. The only option I've found is using task manager to close out Paint Shop Pro. It's more of a nuisance than anything, but I wondered if anyone had any suggestions that might help.

I had this problem when I first started playing with PSP but my files were much larger than 1000x1000. I stuck another memory stick into my computer giving it 2GB of memory (the max for that computer). I was also told to increase my disc space quota which is found when you right click on your hard drive (C:\ for most), click properties then go to quota. I'm not sure what system you have but at the time I had XP so I'm not certain if this function is available in the new versions of Windows. But in any case, when you start getting these problems it's usually a sign that you are running out of space and your computer will eventually stop responding or even crash. PSP is a memory hog so if you have the option to add another memory card, it may help temporarily and could last you for a couple years and is a lot cheaper than getting a new me...I'm there now. Still trying to learn Windows 7 as far as designing's very frustrating.

Good luck.

Thank you SO much! I followed your advice, cleaned up my computer, and added a 16 GB memory stick. Problem solved smiley

Awesome! I'm glad that worked for you. I had maxed out every available resource my computer had available so this was not an option for me again. I do have some good news son is going to build me a super powerful computer. We just picked out all the parts that I will need, now just have to get the money to pay for it smiley( but I can't wait. I will put my XP on that computer and I'll be all set. I am honestly trying to give Windows 7 a shot but it's just not happening! I guess I am one of those people who don't like change.

I have some problems too sometimes.
But no crashes until now.

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Cleaning the computer helped a bit, but the biggest difference seemed to come when I added the memory stick and moved all of my scripts, fonts, tubes, and brushes to them.

Tina, I don't blame you at all re:XP . I'm not that crazy about Windows 7 and kind of wish I hadn't upgraded. Even after some time with it, it doesn't seem to be as user-friendly as XP was.