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ISO: Steam Punk Papers

Hi all hope you had a great weekend I was wondering does any one know where I could get hold of some really grungy steam punk papers preferably freebies if possible I have been looking for a while now and only found one lot but the link was expired so no joy

There's a couple of pretty cool ones here Don't know for sure if this is what you're looking for but I sure like them! smiley

Scrappin Cop has a variety of items here

thanks ladies these are great

I moving this thread to the Digi Scrapping Forum... since it's really and "In Search Of" thread and that's where other people would look if they were trying to find the same thing. This will hopefully avoid duplicate posting. I'm also going to change the title a tad to be in keeping with the rules of ISO threads, too.
Thanks for your understanding. smiley

Sorry new on here not sure where things go yet

I'm new here myself and just had to make my first comment on the grunge thread. I love the steam punk paper from Devian Art!

Pardon the stupid question, but what exactly is steampunk and how is it applied? Is is a look, like Victorian or antique or retro? Or is it based off a movie?

My personal interpretation is victorian with mechanical stuff. smiley Like in the movie Wild Wild West (love that movie!).

@Cat: I think that's a pretty good description, or the new Sherlock Holmes movies are kind of steampunk as well. I'm curious how steampunk became a thing, since it seems like kind of a particular idea rather than the general one it's become (if that makes any sense).

Steampunk is originally a literary sub-genere inside fantasy biggest genere. It has steam powered machines + victorian, 19´s or retro enviroment. They seem to have origined from Jules Verne´s literature, and became a sub-culture, or a "nerdy-like" movement. Fans of Steam Punk genere use to make very elaborated costumes and go to retro-ish places to take pictures and get along together.

How it became a scrapbooking trend I really have no idea, but steampunk kits use to have lots of browns, blacks, golds, creams and a little touch of pale pink or blue and trains, goggles, hot air balloons, old keys and lockets, distress, textures of wood, fabric and metal, doillys, clocks and pocket watches, vintage manuscript papers and lots of gears.

Thanks, Cat, Marisa, and Lorien! I could see how it had a Victorian element to it. Certainly Tim Holtz has made tons of money off it! smiley

@Allie: LoL... that's exactly who I think of when I think of SteamPunk. My hubby is very artistic and creative & musically talented to boot (I'm just crafty and follow directions well. ha ha) but any how... my hubby loves Tim's style. When I got to go to CKC, hubby went with and we shared the room with each other, of course. smiley That was ONE class he said "I wish we could just pay $50 for me to go to that ONE class!" LoL