photography seminar ... yippee!!

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photography seminar ... yippee!!

So I'm super excited. I've signed up for a photography seminar and its tomorrow. I'm hoping that now I will finally be able to use my point and shoot other than auto function. I've always managed to get some great photos, but I also get a lot of bad photos too. I've always wanted to learn more about photography, but in high school you had to take art 101 first and then you could take photography. considering my stick people don't even always look like people, I knew there was no way I'd pass that course, so I wasn't able to take it. But, now (despite having to pay for it), I'm going to learn some new stuff. My Canon has so many buttons, but I've never really progressed past Auto. Can't wait. Just thought I'd share. Wish me luck! Any tips?

That's awesome Melissa! Hopefully you'll share some of the cool projects you complete here in the forum! smiley

I would just say to be patient with the learning process and practice. A lot. Sometimes in those seminars you get so much information that it's hard to go home and apply it. What helped me was to focus on and practice one aspect at time - ISO, Aperature, Shutter Speed, focal length -- really learning and understanding what those things meant and where there were located on my camera so I could get to them without having to stop the creative process and think, now where is the ISO button??

Enjoy your seminar, takes lots of notes!

I hope you are able to learn a lot! I'm looking into taking a class at our local community college for about the same reason. My point and shoot took good pictures, but also a lot of disappointing ones. I've upgraded to a manual camera and feel like I'm going to need some work before I'm really comfortable and start getting the pictures I'm hoping for.

I would love to hear how your class went. Tina's advice is great, it helps not only to learn where the buttons/adjustments are, but what they really do. As a professional photographer, the best tip I was ever given was read your camera manual. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

So the seminar went well, albeit a little overwhelming. There were a lot of new terms. However the instructor explained things in a very simple way that I think I was able to understand ... now all I need to do is practice, practice, practice. There's a lot of math involved with all the different buttons ... ISO, Shutter Speed, etc. Its going to take a while, but I hope it will come together eventually.

I was lucky enough to take a photography class in high school, and while I don't remember everything, it has been sitting in my mind for a while cooking, so things that once seemed complicated now seem more or less like common sense...amazing what time will do.

Sounds neat! There are so many classes I want to take but haven't had a chance to yet ....