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I already loved the quality images on this site, but now I like how much easier they are to view and how easy it is to find complimentary images. I did notice that when you're viewing the image, you can right-click to save the picture without having to use download credits. Of course, for ribbons and such where the preview image is just a portion it's not quite as good of an image, but for buttons and smaller items you can bypass the system. smiley

Since I'm unable to download anything, I'm going to lose 2-3 downloads today smiley Why can't I download?

yeah I gotta be honest and say that the # of points per item + the number of credits you receive daily is a real bummer, especially if you can't save up. It'd take a week just to download the main essentials for a single page. I like how the points are different for personal use/commerical use (as it should be... someone is gonna make money off your creation you should make it worth more points). But yesterday I downloaded a button that I really didn't want to use but also didn't want to lose a free credit either.

Just my opinion... I think the point system is a great alternative, I just wish each item was the same amount of points... regardless if it's a template or paper or flower. That or have the ability to save up more than just 5-7 credits a day.

Hey everyone! I usually take Friday as my day off, and now here are all these comments! I'll do my best to reply to everyone here.

@Shonda: Check out this page for help unzipping files.

@Jaclyn: Notification of something you've downloaded is going on the "to do"! So you can look for that in the future. You can check out this page for more details on earning more DC.

@Tina C: Thanks for all the feedback. Those "?" should make a hover tip explaining themselves. I think that must be the script you uninstalled and why you're not seeing it. The first amount is for personal use and the second amount is for commercial use. Your community points should not ever be subtracted. That is a problem and we will figure it out. Thanks for pointing it out.

@Shuckclod: A lot of the embellishments are 1 DC, although just for personal use. Your daily "free" DC points won't roll over, but you can pretty easily get your count up to 6, which will allow you to use all your points in a day. We're working on the donations!

@Jessica: We're thinking about it, but I have a lot of stuff and it might be rather expensive to pay for all the bandwidth. We might be able to think of something though.

@April: Thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks everyone for your comments. Obviously there is some problem with the community points right now, so we'll work that out. Once that system is working and people are able to move up the DC limit, and have some more experience with the limits, please leave some more feedback about if you're able to download what you want.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone! As you can see, there are a number of things that still need to be worked out on the site, especially regarding community points and download credits. The good news is, the whole point of the beta process is to find and fix problems, so that's what we'll be doing smiley

I noticed a couple of questions that Marisa didn't get to, so I'll go ahead and answer those (and ask some questions of my own!).

When do my download credits get replenished?

You should see your download credits topped-off every day around 12:00am (midnight) GMT. So convert that to your respective timezone, and see if your credits go up when you expect them to. If not, please let us know.

The number of credits are a bummer: I want to download more stuff!

Thanks for being honest smiley . First, let me just say that none of the point system stuff is final. We had to put together the system rather quickly, and we are certainly planning on changing/adapting it. We want Pixel Scrapper to be a place where generosity breeds creativity, breeds generosity, breeds creativity. We want to let people download as much as we possibly can, while still allowing the site to exist (without draining us dry, financially). We're in the process of trying to figure out where that limit is, and that's something that's going to be very fluid for a while, as we get some kind of donation system in place.

The old Pixel Scrapper site has been able to stay up because of people's donations, and ultimately that's going to be true for this site as well. We don't plan on requiring donations, or charging a membership fee or anything, but we are counting on some people donating, at least some of the time (as has been true on the old site).

The number of download credits we can ultimately provide, both free to everyone, and as a thank you for donations, will ultimately depend on how many people donate, and how generous they are.

Increasing your download credits

Continuing on with download credits, the system, even at this stage, is not designed to limit people to 5 credits per day. There is a table showing how many community points you need to increase credits here. The idea is that you should be able to get to 7 or 8 credits pretty quickly, with the eventual goal of getting to 10 free credits per day. Does that seem reasonable?

Should all downloads require the same number of download credits?

This is something we considered, but the issue is that some files are much, much larger than others (and thus cost a lot more to transfer). We could sort of average this out, but the issue is that it seems like the large files would get more downloads... wouldn't you generally choose to download a large paper or template instead of a small button or brad, if the download cost was the same?

Keep the feedback coming! Our goal is to make the site as good as it possibly can be, and we will definitely take all thoughts into account!


I was wondering how to place a photo in my reply. I don't exactly understand what the Image URL box means and how to attach photos from my computer?

Thanx Jordan that cleard about all of my question about the point system smiley I thought the point stocked up so you could save at first smiley

But hey i think i have one more question smiley Things "cost" diffrent amount of point because of the size... I sure can get that^^ But how come it cost more to download CU than PU when the files should be the same size?

Thanks for the info Marisa. I switch my browser so I'm not getting the script error anymore. I see things now that I didn't see before in IE.

I was wondering if there would be additional options added later to accumulate community points. Maybe earn so many points after collecting a certain number of Hearts. Right now, we are limited on what we can do to accumulate points. Once the option to upload to the gallery is available, we would need to have an option to collect additional points in order to upload. Not many would want to spend their available points to upload when they could download something. It's just a suggestion.

Yeah! Thank you Jordan for helping with getting downloads!!! I appreciate it!

Hi Jessica, I would think the CU download is bigger because you have a potential to make a profit from it if used in a design you sell.
If you don't design and sell the product, it would make sense to download the PU.

Jordan & Marisa
About the daily download credits....
I'm not exactly sure what time it is in GMT, but it's 3:41 p.m. EST and I have 0 DC and haven't downloaded anything since yesterday evening.
Just letting you know. smiley

Yeah that's what i thought... But then i read somewhere something about that they started this pointsystem so it supports the bandwidth expenses smiley And that shouldn't cost more for CU than PU... So a bit mixed message smiley

And i need CU since i design stuff, but only for FREE smiley

And Marisa i love your stuff so i don't mind "doing right by me" ofc smiley

Just an FYI - I've disable mail notifications on account settings and I'm still getting them (I prefer to go look on my own vs. getting many emails each day on this). I've also click on the link in one of the emails to disable the notification and a window pops up that says (in a green box) "Sorry there was a problem unsubscribing from notifications" - I'm guessing maybe it's because they are turned off at my account settings?? But either way, I'm still getting emails everytime someone leaves a repy (and I've turned it off). Thank you!

You'll need to download the 7-Zip file manager software to your computer and open the files with that. It will convert them to a file you can then open in My Pictures or My Documents. All the elements should then open up in Photoshop. Here is the link to download the free software:Software

Always so many things to reply to! Thanks for all the input!

Lisa L: Right now you can only post an image that is already hosted somewhere on the web (I host all mine on flickr, maybe other people use other places they'd recommend). We aren't set up right now to host people's misc. photos. Once your photo is uploaded somewhere, you should be able to get a url that you can post in the box here.

Janet: I was also getting a lot of notifications I did not want. The system doesn't seem to be working real well, so for now we're turned it off and you'll just have to check manually.

As for the discussion on CU versus PU. The CU is more because we're assuming people will be using it to make some sort of profit. However, I realize that there are people like Jessica who make things for free. In the future we are planning to have different programs for designers to get easier access to CU products, by uploading their own designs and things. So for the time being I realize that doesn't help you, but hopefully the inconvenience won't last too long!

And for accumulating points, right now the system is pretty limited. There will be more options in the future, once we get these basic things running. When we mentioned needing points to upload layouts, we only meant that you would have to have a certain standing in the community to earn the right to upload layouts. The actual uploading won't take away your DC (they're for downloading, not uploading after all!) and in fact will actually add to your community points. There will be other features that are similar, such as list making and adding your own design products.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Tina C: midnight GMT should be 7:00pm for you, so you should see your credits increase between 7 and 8 pm... did that happen as expected?

Janet: for now we've disabled email notifications entirely, so you shouldn't be getting any more of those smiley

PU vs CU downloads
Jessica, sorry if it seems like a mixed message regarding the download credits--that's not our intention. Our motivation for implementing DC at the moment, like we've said, is bandwidth cost. When we were implementing the system, it just seemed like it made sense to make CU items require more download credits, to encourage CU people to donate and support the site a bit more than PU people, since they are presumably making some kind of money from their work. The goal is not to limit people who are making free CU items, and we're going to try to find ways to open that up more, as Marisa has said. Stay tuned.

Negative community points
I believe the community point system has been fixed, so that no one should be getting negative points any more. Sorry for the people who experienced that. We are going to try to get you some bonus points ASAP. Please let us know if you experience any more trouble with the system.

Clarifying Download Credits (DC) vs Community Points
Your community points should always only ever go up. With no ceiling: you get points for interacting on the site. Your download credits on the other hand go down when you download something--and only when you download something. Those DC then get replenished once a day, by an amount that depends on how many community points you have.

Get negative community points reversed

Okay, now that community points are working as intended, we want to give bonus points to anyone who incorrectly received negative community points. If that's you, please reply to my post here, and I'll give you some bonus points asap!

New forum for site updates, and feedback

Since we've had so much activity on this thread, I've gone ahead and created a new forum specifically for site updates and feedback.

We'll post changes and updates to the site there, and you can reply with feedback. For general feedback/support, you can continue to reply to this thread, but I am going to move it over to the new forum.

@Lorien -> that's weird. let me know if it happens again.

I could only log again today after the re-opening, but I will pay attention on this smiley

I was wondering if there would be additional options added later to accumulate community points. Maybe earn so many points after collecting a certain number of Hearts. Right now, we are limited on what we can do to accumulate points. Once the option to upload to the gallery is available, we would need to have an option to collect additional points in order to upload. Not many would want to spend their available points to upload when they could download something. It's just a suggestion.

Maybe we can have challenges that give points too... I am still figuring out the thing of community and download points, hope I´ll understand soon smiley

Oooooh, Lorien that's a great idea... challeneges would be a fun way to earn some points!

Challenges are an excellent idea. Soon we'll have some other forum moderators too, so we can have lots of exciting things going on!

Awesome, thanks so much Marisa and Jordan for explaining. I didn't take into account file size of each item... i totally get it now why some "cost" more points than the other.

hi i just thought of something.. Is it okey to change size of your templates using the pattern tool? smiley I've noticed that you put up the same pattern in different sizes on some overlays and i don't wanna do something you don't like so i better ask smiley

Go ahead and change it if you want. I just put up the different sizes for people who prefer to have them that way.

oh great smiley Good to know smiley

I apologize in advance if this has already been mentioned. I came to the site and forgot to log in, started browsing, opened an asset in a new tab. Then I logged in on a different tab. I came back to the asset and selected 'Commercial' (without refreshing the page to pick up my login) and clicked Download and got a debug permission error (see below). Closing the error and refreshing the page corrected the problem.

P.S. Nice watermark on the images now! smiley

Error output:
An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
HTTP Result Code: 403
Debugging information follows.
Path: /modal_forms/ajax/register
StatusText: Forbidden
Access denied | Pixel Scrapper
@import url("");
@import url("");
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@import url("");
@import url("");
@import url("");
@import url("");
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Account information questions smiley
Will there be any tracking of the items we've downloaded and the license for which items were downloaded? For example, if I've downloaded an embellishment for personal use and then want to upgrade to a commercial license, will I purchase that separately or only pay the difference?

Also, what if I have downloaded an image and need to re-download it? (Or if I accidentally hit the download twice.) Will I need to use credits to do that?


This is more of a feedback than support but I was wonder if more filters would be added later such as Christmas? I know you use filters on the assets that were created for a specific kit but I found some of the older assets with a Christmas/Holiday theme...I was looking for more but have to flip thru all of the pages and I know I keep skipping pages...I can't remember where I left off smiley

Tina: Coming soon we'll have the list feature, which I think will help you to navigate just a coordinating kit. Right now you can navigate them somewhat because I've tagged them (ie: budapest, paris, vietnam) but with Christmas it is a bit of problem right now.


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