FREEBIES CU/PU: Callaluna Creations

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FREEBIES CU/PU: Callaluna Creations

I have loads of freebies available on my blog, located HERE!

Here are the most recent freebies, which were created for the Designer Darling competition at Stuff to Scrap. If you like them, please stop by Stuff to Scrap to vote for me! The most recent voting thread is HERE.

I also have a number of freebies on my Facebook page!

So cute~!

love the derby girl elements!

Thanks ladies!

My Round 3 submission for Designer Darling is up, and its CU friendly!

Download links are HERE.

And if you go to download, please consider stopping by the voting thread HERE and showing your support for me! My submission is listed as "Callaluna Creations / A Case of the Sniffles."

I would love to see more Rock n Roll around here smiley
Loved the Derby Wannabe

Well, I have a bit of an unusual style. I like to work with unusual colors and unusual themes and I love to make things I haven't seen anywhere else. Have you seen my Love Bites kit? Definitely not your average Valentine's kit, lol. I'll take your request into consideration. I have been wanting to try doing something music themed... Hmmm. smiley Thanks for the idea!

Heather, I've not ever register before to Stuff To Scrap...and I was trying to use your name as I registered but it wasn't taking it. I was interested in your derby wanna be.

@Laura: I noticed her user name over there is just Callaluna. Try that and see if you can register. smiley

Cute! TYFS

Yeah, my username on STS is Callaluna. They have been having some registration issues with Hotmail and Yahoo email addresses, just to warn you. The confirmation emails won't go through! Hopefully you can get registered, but if not, I will probably move all of my submissions over to my blog once I am finished with the contest. So look for it there in the next week or two! Glad you liked it!

Oops, forgot to add my Round 4 kit here!

Image is linked to the download thread. If you like it, please vote for me!

I also have a mini up for the STS Road Trip!

That can be downloaded from my blog!

I just finished the add-on to Backyard Explorer:

You can snag it on my Facebook page!

I just added a QP freebie made with "Mirror, Mirror" by Build a Memory:

Your downloads are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

Thanks Heather!

Great designs, I can never sign into the site.

Oh, well I am no longer in the contest, so I can post the links here now, Beverly!

Duck, Duck, Bath is HERE and the add-on is HERE.

Derby Girl Wannabe is HERE.

A Case of the Sniffles is HERE.

Backyard Explorer is HERE and the add on is HERE.

Everything else I've mentioned above can be found on either my blog or my Facebook page.

I hope that helps you! Thanks for looking!

Wow Heather, thank you very much.

Thanks so much for sharing. I love your Backyard Explorer kit. smiley

Thanks! You're both very welcome!

Here is my contribution to the March Triune blog train! You can find it on my blog!

Very Pretty Freebie!

This is the alpha I made for this week's designer challenge! The sampler is free on my blog until March 31st, and the full bundle will be available in my store in the next day or two.

Very nice alpha set, love the textures.

I am retiring a number of freebies tomorrow in preparation for revamping them, expanding them, and adding them to my shop! Hurry and collect them all! Check out the full list of retiring freebies, complete with links, HERE on my blog!

I have a CT freebie on my blog to celebrate the release of So Flowery by Build a Memory:

The ducklings are so adorable! smiley

Thank you Nadia! I collect rubber duckies, so I had inspiration staring at me from every nook and cranny!

I have a quick page freebie on my blog to celebrate the release of my new kit, Backyard Explorer:

At long last, I finished that Mario kit I had talked about. It became so huge and took up so much of my time that I just HAD to put it in my store, but I have put together a freebie sampler that should be sufficient to make one geek-o-riffic page at least!

You can find it on my Facebook page.