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Newsletter freebie wrong link

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you know there is something wrong with the newsletter freebie-link. I got this:

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>
kits to upload/footsteps/

I got an error also


Yes, sorry about that! In my zeal for keeping my files organized I deleted it. (You can thank my parents for that.) Unfortunately, we'll just have to wait until next week and I'll put in the newsletter again, and this time I promise not to delete it. Also, there will be another exciting freebie. Sorry again!

Just a note: You may have deleted the FB one as well since I get the same error for it, too??? smiley

It turns out I can fix it! So the link works now. I'll also leave it up for next week, in case you lost the newsletter in the confusion.

Also, the FB freebie is working again too.