What designer challenge interests you?

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What designer challenge interests you?

Let me know what you're interested in for our weekly designer challenge. If you have any ideas leave them below in the comments and I will add them to the poll.

1. What specific items are you interested in (scatters, frames, flowers, brads, etc)
2. What specific themes are you interested in (summer, beach, birthday party, etc)
3. Styles or trends (hexagons, woodgrain, etc)

Use this color.
43% (19 votes)
Make an embellishment template.
36% (16 votes)
Make a layout template.
31% (14 votes)
Beach theme.
27% (12 votes)
25% (11 votes)
25% (11 votes)
Make an alpha.
13% (6 votes)
Total votes: 44

I loved the challenge where we added to your Spring Fields kit. I can see myself using those elements right alongside yours. Sometimes when we do challenges that don't have a specific theme, I forget to use the items (I'm a kit scrapper though...so I may be in the minority).

I'd love to do a template challenge...whether it be to create a page layout template, element template like a brad etc., or some other sort of asset template. I'd love to see what people come up with for a challenge like that. smiley

Voted smiley (allthough I love all the design challenges)

I think it's all great, but I love making flowers.

Designer challenge for tween-age kits or assets.
Designer challenge about traveling, specifically road trips.
Layout challenge " first" events, ie first day of school, first bike ride, first bungee jump !
Layout challenge- ordinary day, daily routine, daily event
Layout technique- white space, for instance leaving a certain percent of the page,say 50%, open, no photos or embellishments
Layout technique- using a specific format for photo placement - triangle, square, diamond, etc
Layout-monochromatic color scheme
Thanks for keeping us motivated with these challenges, Marisa.

Guess that, as you posted the video explaining how to make a template from a layout, we must have a challenge in which we need to present a layout and a template made with it.

I choose use this color. I also like doing something relating to the season the challenge is in.


I think Harriett has some great ideas - I second that smiley

I second what Janet said. I have a harder time using random papers and embellishments. I forget where they are. I don't even like basic paper packs. It keeps it simpler for me personally to use coordinating kits. Then if I want a random embellishment that I remember from another kit, I can go steal it from that folder and use it then. That's just how I roll, though. Don't know how many others feel the same.

So on that vein, I think it would be really cool if we were given colors, theme, and an assignment. The first week we could each make a paper. Then the week after that to make an embellishment. Then the week after that make some word art. Etc--just challenging assignments to make things maybe we haven't all made before. All in the same color scheme, and theme. Then through the month (or however long) we can each download what we like, and make a coordinating kit out of it. smiley Then move on for the next month to something new.

Ha, Ha, Marisa, I didn't quite understand the template challenge you did and I created a template. lol I almost uploaded it but looked at the posts and realized my mistake. lol If you do choose the 'make a template' challenge... I've got one ready. lol xoxox Beth

I like contributing to a kit, creating wordart (with help/tutorial(s)), template challenges, creating a LO with a mini kit, using lyrics provided in challenge, and more! smiley

eu amo o tema praia/beach theme

@Beth: Please submit your template on the designer challenge of this week, here: http://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/digital-scrapbooking/challenges/designer-challenge-layout-template-deadline-march-28

I voted ... I'm still trying to figure out how to make different types of elements for my kits ... I like to use kits as well. Elements are proving to be tricky for me! Especially with the grey scale ... they don't like to color well I've noticed.

What about a layered paper template?

Marisa, I´d like to see a designer challenge about foliage (flowers, leaves, branches) templates.

I love the challenges when we are given a color pallete to work with

I like that idea Meridy - sort of a build-your-own-kit challenge smiley

I was thinking recently that maybe someday we can have a challenge to make - and share - brushes, styles, textures...

@Lorien: Good idea!

I voted,i am trying to learn to make my own element templates in PSP9 so that's what i am most intreseted in right know.

I have never entered a contest, but sounds like fun. I like grungy. But I like the idea of submitting a template too.

I really wanna join designer challenge, though I really need extra time and learning!

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