Distressing Digital Paper

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Can't wait to try it! Thanks!

This is great, simple and effective. Thank you!

Great tutorial, thank you!

thanks, looks easy the way you describe it smiley

wow, the paper looks so old. Just love the brushes and the effect they have on creating such simple things. smiley

Very interesting! thank!

Perfect tutorial - so simple. Yet I didn't have such simple idea myself. Many thanks smiley

Thank you !)))

Very good this tutorial. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

thank you

thanks for the share!!

So awesome! Thank you!

awesome thx

thank you dor these interressant tuto

good to know.. thanks for the tutorial smiley

Thank you so much for these good explanations. smiley smiley

thank you for the tutorial smiley

Thanks for another great tutorial Brooke. smiley

Easy to do; amazing effect! Thanks for the tutorial!

awesome tutorial.. thank you for sharing

Thank you. I found brushes in a kit I bought, but i didn't know how to use them. Thanks a lot!

OMG thank you! I've been wondering how to do this!

Thank you for doing this tutorial, it was very helpful

Thank you so much! That is awesome!

This is fantastic! Thank you!

I love Tim Holtz and anything distressed!Thanks on the tips on how to create this!