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Wedding Album Help / Advice

SO,I've recently been struggling with putting my wedding album together. I don't really have any wedding kits, and I haven't come across any that I like, so I was wondering what advice you guys have to find / create my own. I put together this color palette based upon the tartan we used and the flowers in my bouquet.

Thoughts // Advice?


I know exactly how you feel! When I made my wedding book I went through a bunch of my kits that I thought might have elements or papers that I liked in colors that would work and copied the things I wanted to a new folder - making a mish mash of kits to make my own kit. Then I had this folder with TONS of things I liked and thought would work and I narrowed it down from there. You can see it on my blog
It really was a mash up of kits though - I used a halloween kit, a fall kit, a love kit.....

You could probably find some fall-themed kits that would work with this palette. In fact, I think Marisa has a "Fall in Love" bundle with fall colors and a love theme: Fall in Love Bundle

And then you could mix/match with it and other fall kits. Heck, even some Thanksgiving-themed kits might be good, what with themes & wordarts like "Family" and "Grateful" tying 'em together.

Thanks! For whatever reason I have difficulties "mixing" kits and the pages I've done in the past look all mish-mashed and just overloaded with pieces that don't look good together. I will try this, but will probably have to go about it in a way where it doesn't make my brain hurt.

So, here's a redo of a page with some papers I've created, I've found some others, but haven't had a chance to sort everything through.



love the redo! the subtle softer tones make your lovely photos stand out so much better. Don't forget the journaling! smiley

Thanks! I ended up recoloring a whole bunch of assets and papers, and download the solids from The Confectionery, so I planning on starting over. I'll use some of the layouts, I'm sure, but I think I have a strategy behind this...I think...

Wedding kits can be tricky because of the particular colors that are involved. I'm actually releasing a kit today that I made for a friend's wedding album, it's all purple and green. If you can make your own stuff, it's probably best to make your own kit and then use that. It will have a more cohesive feel.

Yeah, I started to feel that way once I saw all the pages looking mish-mashed together. I was fine with that type of mish-mash with the kids albums, provided the side by side pages were cohesive.

Pretty! Those soft colors bring more attention to your lovely pictures!

well, personally I think that Wedding albums especially tendon to lend themselves to a more minimalist type of that the great photos ~ usually taken by the professionals really take the spotlight. So I'd go with finding or making just a few. Oh yeah, and the journaling would come second, and be a strong focus for me. But then I might not be the one to give advice, as I've only ever done about 4 pages of our wedding 25 3/4 years. I'm strongly leaning towards making a whole new digital album, after I scan them that is.

AND I LOVE your colors! Can't wait to see some of the layouts as you work on completing them!