How often do you digital scrapbook?

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How often do you digital scrapbook?
Every day.
50% (12 votes)
Several times a month.
29% (7 votes)
Several times a week.
20% (5 votes)
Less than once a month.
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 24

Its been a lot more since I found this site and since I started my own shop. I want to do a couple paper layouts this weekend, but I doubt I'm going to get the time.

I'm not really sure what my answer is! smiley I visit scrap sites and blogs every day, I do some design work every day, but I rarely make my own pages. smiley I just don't have time!

I have been doing a ton since finding this site. You all inspire me! smiley I like how much easier it is to digi scrap over traditional scrap... err at least it's easier to find time to do because I can do a minute here or there, just leave it running in the background of my computer.

I work everyday on something from layouts, working with pictures, to web design, to working on my books.

Every single day (except for tuesdays, these days I am working and training with my dogs).
It is a sort of relaxing for me after a busy day with work and kids and dogs smiley

every day! i'm a scrap-addict smiley

I am always either designing kits or making layouts, so pretty much every single day! Even on the days I take "off" I am still out with my camera looking for things to photograph smiley

It fluctuates. A few weeks ago, it was every day; right now, it's not much. Later, it'll be nutty again, but it's hard to guess an average.

Every single day - If I am not working on a layout, I am working on a design for papers or elements, or working on a learning lesson in Photoshop.

heh heh, I used to make a layout at least once a week, but since I have started designing, it dropped to once a month.... hmmmmm..... Which doesn't mean I spent less time behind the computer - it just means I'm not getting anywhere with that photobook smiley

Every day - but its usually designing rather than actually scrapping.

I'm still in the organizing stage. Organizing and collecting supplies, reading blogs and newsletters and learning the how to side of things. But I do this some everyday. I'm getting closer to finding my flow and actually makes pages. smiley

I do it every day, sometimes I design for a kit, sometimes I make layouts, but every day I'm working on my scrapbooking

I scrap in my head all the time. Find actual time to either do it digitally or with paper is my big challenge. I tend to scrap in spurts. Sometimes I get several pages done over a few days and then nothing for a week....

Sarah: I laughed so hard at the truth to this, you almost made me spit my sweet tea out. smiley

I scrap in my head all the time.

@Sarah; I to loved that phrase!

I go in spurts as well. I can be a very S.H.E. Sidetracked Home Executive. Like this time last year I spent all my free time, and even more, on painting a large my folks piece for my folks 50th anniversary. I hadn't gotten out the paints for me since my before my son was born. That's the worst "creative draught" I've been through. But I'll jump from sewing, to hand cross stitching, knitting...etc.

But scrapping has always been there throught the years. Maybe 7 heavey spurts a year. Especially after my daughter went on a 20 day trip to UK & Ireland by herself. She turned 12 while there and came back with 18 rolls of film...having given away 2 rolls to others that ran out. She came back with the scrapping fever!!!! And even has taken supplies with her on campus! Or does some with my stuff when she's got a chance to come home. But she puts me to shame. I will do one layout to her 3-5...or worse! I think I was sorting and organizing photos also, but probably need up doing 7 pages by the time she had finished her UK album, stretching it with refill pages as far as it would go!
Having found this site, and gimp has help me complete 18 digis!!! This year already!