Who is going to watch The Hobbit?

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Well, just found this thread, and was eager to hear who of you will be purchasing the DVD? Here it comes out tomorrow!

BUT my son said he was really wanting to wait for the extended. We purchased the regulars from LOTR movies, and then when they came out in the extended we had to get those too. But my son was making sure that my hubby didn't stop on his way home tomorrow evening and buy. We definitely can't purchase both this time.

We did go see it on the Big Screen, it was our Christmas presents this year...but the one matinee time we had available because of my son's work schedule ending up being their 3D showing. I was pleasantly surprised and how much that technology has improved!

@Lizanne, you hit the movies that our family watches BIG SCREEN...LOTR movies, Hobbit and Narnia. Our kids have gotten to where they will try to see about 3 movies a year with their friends, the Hunger Games, Les Mis were also seen by them. Hubby and I stayed home for Les Mis an older version on Netflix while my son went and saw it on Big Screen as a French III field trip. No satellite here anymore, $8 bucks a month for Netflix some months though, just so we can actually watch something on our 14 yo tv.

@Lorien, YES...GREAT soundtrack! When we got back my son picked up his borrowed violin and tinkered around with it before work, figuring out some of his favorite pieces from it.

Well, we are not planning to buy the dvd yet. Possibly the extended if we have enough money. If not, we´ll probably still see it lots of times at friends´ houses smiley

I might wait until they release it as a trilogy. In the past I regretted buying movies or tv shows as they were released, because then I missed out on all the extras (interviews & such) that they only include when they sell it as a set.

I saw it twice, and i'm not a fan of those movies, but this one i liked

I went to the cinema with my bestie to see it and I was a little apprehensive as a lot of people had said it dragged and was a bit dull in places but we absolutely loved it. I've watched it again since and still thought it was a brilliant film. I hope parts 2 & 3 are as good!

I went and seen the Hobbit, and was very disappointed to find out that it was one of 3 movies. Oh well. Thats life I guess.

Just bought it on dvd so Im going to be watching it this weekend, love the whole Lord of the rings series so hoping this is going to be as good