ISO: Passover Pesach, preferably free and or Designers

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ISO: Passover Pesach, preferably free and or Designers

Hey, I'm looking for papers, elements, kits, brushes...for Passover use.

Would prefer free, but really just looking for a good source of designers etc. Thanks.

What kind of things would you want in a Passover kit? would have to ask...well

Almost anything! I don't necessarily need anything for this year...ugh its less than one week. Cause we are going low key this year.

WordART : Actually I was especially thinking of the order of service in both English and Hebrew. For some reason Gimp wasn't letting me use my Hebrew font in the program. But after I saw your post, I tried once more, and if I copy the text in "SPTiberian" ~ our favorite Hebrew font for yrs~ I found that I COULD paste it okay...but still can't type with in GIMP. Weird!

I love the embossed papers, and more elegant styles. Some of the symbols would be great, as we often are teaching with our things, so eventually coming up with a scrapbook that lent itself to that is what I have in mind for us in the future.

I was thinking of trying my hand at designing more myself. I need to focus in on setting a palette of colors I like. Matching the DMC colors I've used on the Matzah Tash I made would be nice. I have this book..

the DMC thread colors are
312, Dark Azure Blue
334, Delft Blue
775, Pale Azure Blue
729 and honey Gold
002 Gold Blending Filament.

I found a few links to try and convert the DMC colors to Hex or RGB...but I need to double check them against the real thing.

Marisa and any others, I've posted a few pictures of the cross stitch on my blog...DMC Thread Conversion to HEX or RGB.

I started out today trying to figure out how to correctly get the DMC colors. Still got to work some more on it, cause the links I found, didn't seem to work well enough for the colors that I was looking for...especially DMC thread 775.

I don't know if there are other Cross Stitches or Embroiderers that would want to change to HEX or RGB from the DMC threads. I've included a link on that blog page to what little I've found so far. Tomorrow I'm hoping to be able to hunt up a few more DMC colors and see if I can get closer on them. If not I might scan the actual skein of thread and see if I can get some better numbers from the eye dropper in GIMP.

I read some on using a Mosaic technique to blend some of the color to get a good sampling for a color palette. So I might try that with the scans.

Here is a blog train with the theme -He is risen. You might find something along the way. Here is the start: