How to Make Basic Cardboard (any color)

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How to Make Basic Cardboard (any color)

This method is a very quick and easy way to add a little depth to paper that resembles cardboard.

First, fill the layer with the color you'd like to use.

With the color layer selected go to Filters -> Noise -> Add Noise

Use the following settings (you can adjust these settings to get more or less color change):

Next go to Filters -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur


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wow that was fast and easy! Thanks for the tip

I love how easy it is. You rock Marisa! (as always) xoxox Beth

that looks so easy. I bet even I can do it. Thank you

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awesome, always wondered how to do that

Thanks! Simple, easy and effective!

Thanks for making this so simple! Great tutorial! smiley

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I am learning so much here at Pixel Scrapper and the best part is I'm having a lot of fun doing so! Thanks Marisa!

That was as simple as simple can get.Thanks sweetie!!

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Surprisingly simple, but SO useful! Thank you.

So much simple than I would guess by looking! Thanks for sharing!!

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