Make a Pearl Tube Tut

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Make a Pearl Tube Tut

This tut comes from an old one I wrote back when PSP 9 was brand new and Corel buying Jasc was a rumor smiley So I updated it and tested it out, took some new screen shots and put it on my blog.

I think I'm going to put my tuts on my blog and start a thread here, in case there are questions about the tut. I need things to populate my blog and the last time I did tuts, they disappeared when the site went history smiley Not that it will happen here! I hope this site is here forever, I like this hang out!!

Here's the tutorial:

Thanks for sharing Denise!

I added a freebie with a mini kit and things I made from the pearl tube smiley you can get it here on my blog

thanks for sharing I love the tutorial

That link opens to an error page;Would you please check the link and fix it for me.Please!!