free Good Anti-virus and malware for Mac Pro?

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free Good Anti-virus and malware for Mac Pro?

well, my musical son decided he can't wait until university to have a laptop...that he needs something to finish HS with all the AP courses, papers and presentations. So he went with his dad to purchase a Mac Pro. But since the rest of us have been PC folks, we could use recommendations for anti-virus and mal-ware for Mac Pro products. He's already spent his budget purchasing it, so if you have any highly recommendable free version we would appreciate the leads. Thanks in advance.

Laura, I use nothing! smiley I have been using my MacBook Pro for 4 years without a problem. I will say that I'm careful about what I click on and what I download. One of my favorite things about Macs, they don't seem to have the same problems with viruses and mal-ware that PCs do. You will obviously get some if you click on things you ought not to but even then, when I have confused a bad link for a good link (sometimes they are sneaky) I still haven't had problems. I even did a scan on it just a couple weeks ago and found nothing. My 4 year old MacBook works as well today as the day I bought it. I could never say that for my PCs. Let us know what you do get.

Yeah, Macs are considered "immune" to viruses. Which isn't exactly accurate, it is POSSIBLE for them to get viruses, its just rare. I've always been a Mac girl, and had gone without virus protection for years. But after some recent performance problems with my laptop, I downloaded two good "free" programs. One was a 30 day trial, so not technically free: MacScan. The other one is truly free, and is called Avast. They do different things. Unlike Heather, I am click happy, lol. But even so, neither program found anything of concern on my machine. A couple of "decompression bombs," which sound menacing but are in fact no big deal. They are just hyper compressed files that can unpack to a much larger size. And a bunch of tracking cookies (impossible to escape but easy to eliminate!). He might consider installing Avast, and should he ever have a concern that something is wrong, then download the trial of MacScan. Hope this helps! He's going to love his new Mac!

MacScan is what I used a couple of weeks ago to see if something was wrong and I found nothing. So I second the use of the "Free Trial" of MacScan. But you only get that once, I'm sure.

Thanks gals... Sorry so long before I responded, not only been busy getting ready for blog train, but had spring break and this week my boys been home sick again... Big deal now is I've got to convince a new dr (ours retired to clinic work in Dec) &/ school officials, that he really is "chronically" susceptible to high fevers and therefore school absences...this morning he hit 10 in one semester for first period, and though we have great homeschooling laws here...we did Sister all the way and Josh until appears that our state doesn't take a parents excuse after 10 days that a child is sick. THEY have to have Dr excuses. So even though this was not his first time in the last 3 years to get the warning letter of 7 absences in a semester, we have to get a "chronic" condition letter from the Dr...&/or individual notes from Dr (of which we've had none) or he can't get course credit for any class over the 10. Tried explaining that since I don't drive, I'm not going to make him drive when he's sick to the dr. Let alone the fact that for years I've been taking care of the high fevers on our own...we know how...all from a phone call to the dr years ago, and a grandmother who was a nurse. So I'm praying that I can convince the new Dr to grant us a letter of "chronic condition" in one visit on Thursday afternoon. Don't see why if they can make the grade, they can't get the course credit!

Anyways...I'll get off my soap-box We have used Avast for years...since I had a virus on the laptop and our computer friend, who fixed us, recommended it.

It did take us some looking, but we found the Mac version of it as well. Thanks for the recommendations.