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What is your favorite

What is your favorite Color and Why?

I generally like bright colors, and I would have to confess to loving pink the best. In high school and college I was often in classes with only boys and for some reason this seemed to intensify my love for pink. I actually used to turn my homework in on pink paper, didn't have to worry about putting my name on it that way!

BLUE! Bright Royal BLUE! Always has been, always will!

I love red since I was a preschooler. It´s my favorite of all, don´t have any idea why. On second place, I like purple and dark blue. For scrapbook layouts, however, I like a color I don´t like for anything else: Orange smiley It goes really well on layouts.

Purple - all shades of purple/mauve/lilac/lavender and has been since I was about 8 I think. I also love soft sky blues that sort of wander into the pale lavender. Blue would be a definite close second.

I adore red the best. I always have and I'm pretty sure that's not stopping any time soon. I was buying a new tote bag yesterday and I had to decide between two different colors and I of course chose the red one, without hesitation. In my whole life I have owned 12 vehicles only 3 have not been red. One time I had some teens over to my house and one girl says; let me guess, your favorite color is red. HAHA! My obsession is sort of over kill. smiley

On the flip side there are colors I can't stand! Which is so weird to me. I mean we all have colors that we don't prefer but most people like all colors, right?!?!? Yeah, not my crazy mind. smiley I don't hold it against people, too much anyway, who like those colors but that doesn't mean I understand how they could possibly like them. lol

Hi Marisa,

Pink was my favorite as a child, but my brothers teased me so much about it.
I did read that men love pink on women. I really enjoyed your story.

Hi Emily,

Blue is as lovely as the sky. Great color.

Lorien, Red is about as bright as you can get. I love red, but not my favorite.

Hi Dawn, Purple is a royality, I read. It goes perfectly with my favorite color.

Hi Heather,

Yellow and orange look bad on me. But I love the yellow rose and the orange pumkins.
Red is put on most packages and restarants use red in their decor to make people hungry. Great color red and it goes
well with my favorite color.

Beverly, are you going to share your favorite?

I like sage green (it's a neutral soft green)... Not sure why, I just do. I find it soothing & relaxing. I don't tend to wear that color though because it washes me out - I look better in more vibrant colors (raspberry, for instance) and darker colors.

I love Lime green, and other bright colors: yellow, orange, blue,... as long it is bright (but not neon) Lime green is my favorite

@Lorien: I also love to scrap with orange, although I'm not crazy about it in real life. Strange how that goes.

@Heather: I feel rather strongly about blue, depending on the shade, I can really dislike it. However, I think it may be growing on me and I've been embracing more shades...haha.

Black- it's sexy, mysterious to wear; as a scrappage background, black makes my pictures pop.

My favorite color is green. I love nature. I love to garden.

@Dana, me too!! I don't there are many of us out there. I love a good lime green -- not too yellowy or neon/fluorescent. If you look up the Wikipedia page on the color, French Lime probably best represents what I have in mind.

I can't (or shouldn't?) wear it, but I get accessories in it whenever I can. It's just...fun!

I'm in the green camp as well, love it! It represents life smiley

It's funny but green is one of those colors that I do not prefer. One of my bffs loves it but I just can't for some reason. I will admit, some variations of green are growing on me... especially when paired with another color I do like. The other color like that for me is blue. In general I just don't prefer it but lately when it is paired with the right colors in the right combination I like it ok. But get this, more of my crazy brain, one of my 3 favorites is turquoise! HOW CRAZY!!!! LOL! I don't ask, I just go with it! I love turquoise, red and yellow together. The one color I just haven't been able to connect with no way no how is purple. NUTS! Why, I don't know. So as you can imagine, the Purple and Green bundle is not appealing to me much at all. To each their own, I guess but I think it is humorous that I care.

Well, if we're talking clothes, black. I love black. But the last couple of years I have been drawn to bright blues - cobalt and turquoise especially. Also quite fond of greens and purples, especially paired together.

Lady Philippa, i looked it up on wikipedia, yes yes yes, that kind of lime green. And I'm such an easy person: I can wear every color, every style of haircut and look good with it.
@Heather Johannessen, I must try that combination of colors that you have, looks kinda funky. and I looove funky!
Heather Neal, I think Blue-ish fits you very nice

Turquoise and coral are colors I am drawn to - I am also drawn to muted colors together, like pale rose and pale olive green and Ivory. By the way - For some reason, I am one of those people that have the absolute TOUGHEST time making any decisions.

Linda and Heather.

I love wearing black and black blends in with most every color.

Hi Heather J.

We like what makes us feel good. I really enjoy wearing red. But Green makes me feel good.

Sunny and Heather,

Turquoise is a beautiful color. Coral is very pretty as well not really pink and not really orange. Cobalt Blue is a beautiful color as well, so rich and pleasing.

Lizanne, I love sage green.
Lady Philippa and Dana, I like lime green. It is becoming a very popular color in fashion.

Denise, Nice to have you on the green team. Lol

I've always liked most blues, greens, and purples. But not too dark in combination. One dark is okay, like deep green leaves contrasted with sky blue and lavender flowers is definitely a beautiful sight for me! Just not all dark ... no forest/navy/indigo palettes for me.

Lately I've been loving a fresh green/jewely-toned turquoise/amethyst combination. Everything I get for the house is one of those colors, or ivory/cream.

Laura, I love all thoses colors.