Anyone playing the new SimCity?

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Anyone playing the new SimCity?

Jordan and I have become somewhat distracted by the new SimCity that recently came out. Hopefully we will manage to keep up with things, but if you can't find us you know where we are....

I have to say something: I laughed A LOT on you playing Sin City and forgetting other things. It´s so like me and my hubby... Although, no, we aren´t paying Sin City yet, but we are both gamers! I recently lost, I mean, spent some evenings on Heroes of Might and Magic V campaign mode... Yeah, I know it´s not a new game, but I could only buy it when it got discounted on steam last December...

I'm also a gamer, and I would love to have the new Sim City, but it's not in the budget. I play DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) a LOT, and I would love to play Heroes of Might & Magic but I refuse to get into another game! I spend at least a couple hours a day wasting time on DDO, so there's no time for another one. smiley

I'm not much of a gamer and I tend to like to play like just random app games because I get too into games but a funny story about SimCity. So my dad just died and my three siblings and I got a little bit of inheritance, nothing to write home about but my sister decided to use her money to buy a new computer so that she could play the new SimCity. I don't have a problem with it but I giggle at her a little.

I met my husband playing a video game HAHA ok now you know something crazy about me. We met playing FFXI (final fantasy 11 online) - the story is on my blog - Now we play WOW or Aion while he works (since he works from home and isn't always crazy busy - though sometimes he is)

I have heard the new Sim City is pretty cool. I wished they made an Ubuntu version I would definitely get it for my hubby. (Not sure if it would work with Wine)...I was hooked on the Sims for awhile too but didn't like Sims 3 as much as Sims 2 and both were kinda buggy on my with three kids I rarely have time for games, lol. (Unless it's one of theirs of course!) But it is fun!

Jordan found a cheap, and still legal, copy of SimCity from India, although I believe they are "sold out" now. I'm not going to admit how long we played last night, except that when we finally looked at the clock we were a bit shocked...

Kaleena, that's a great story! I met my first husband playing a MUD in the mid-90s... those were text-based RPGs, and are mostly dead now since they're boring compared to real ones. lol That didn't last, but we live and learn.

And my sister met her husband on WoW. smiley

Kaleena, its so so so cute smiley I had a boyfriend I met on a RPG forum a looooong time ago, but the distance and the fact that I was so young tore us apart. I first met my hubby at a Lord of the Rings fan club, however :p

My hubby and I met online too. We met over a bbs nearly 20 years ago now. @Brandi, it's funny you should mention MUDs, my husband plays on them all the time still. He prefers old school I guess. I never really like RPGs, much to my husband chagrin.

A BBS Heather? That is AWESOME!
MUDs were fun too though most people now wouldn't think that way as they have only ever known the more modern version of rpgs.

Kaleena, I'm surprised you know what a BBS is.. no one ever does. smiley I could never grasp what a MUD really was. I tried to make an account on time, just not my thing, I guess. My husband doesn't get into any of the newer RPGs at all. It is kind of funny that he tends to be the opposite of everyone else.

The last time I checked, the Mac version of SimCity still wasn't available, but I will probably get it when it is! I too met my husband in a "game" - we met in Second Life. Neither of us plays anymore. We moved on to WoW, and he's since moved on to Guild Wars 2 and I've become so immersed in the digi scrap world I rarely play games, but if I do, its Sims 3.

It's kind of funny, when I met my first husband online and we got married in 1997, people thought it was weird to meet people online like that. Now, it's almost common! Though my second (and current, permanent) husband was met at work. lol

I met my husband at a chicken judging contest, just tell people that and they'll think online is totally normal in comparison!

I would play the new SimCity ... but I'm still pretty busy with the Sims 3. And scrapbooking. And browsing PixelScrapper. And searching out new GIMP tutorials. And cooking. Anyway, if I could sleep less, I would be playing SimCity, yes!

I'm not good at eye/hand coordination when it comes to games that require controllers. Ruby, the little 7 year old down the street used to come over to the house to play a game with me, because she could beat me every time. My grandson was about the same age when I remember him taking the controller from me during a game of Donkey Kong, telling me "Here Grandma, let me help you get to the next level.".........I admire those that can play the many types of fascinating games out there. There are times that I wish I was a young person in the graphics industry, creating the amazing graphics for those games.

It's fun to hear all these stories about people meeting online. I know it's a common phenomenon, but I don't think I really knew anyone who had actually done it before.

SimCity Update: Last night my city had a nuclear melt down....

Uh oh, Marisa, that CAN'T be good. Time for your citizens to go green! smiley