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card I made

Hi All just wanted to show a card I made using Marisa's lovely papers not sure if I am putting it in the right place if not I can move it hope you like it can't get image on here

That looks gorgeous! Love how you crocheted the flower!

Thanks for sharing! I always love to see what people are making.

Very cute!!

That is very cute. I was expecting something completely digital but was pleasantly surprised. It is so adorable. smiley

Looks lovely - wish I could crochet!

Love the flower, is it a chain around the center type? How many chains is each petal?

That card is absolutly adorable. If I get such a card for mothers day, I would be thrilled. Please do tell us how you made your flower, I can crochet a little

So cute! I love the crotcheted flower!

gorgeous smiley

I love your card! What a great idea to add a crocheted flower!