Just showing off my overlay...

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Just showing off my overlay...

Just 1 day too late for the Designer Challenge - Pattern Making - Deadline Feb 28...
But I only noticed that, when I was finished and couldn't post in the topic anymore.

Just wanna show my result to you and next time I will participate sooner in the challenge smiley

If you are interested you can download it from my blog:http://sasluvscrap.blogspot.nl/2013/02/free-overlay-flowers.html

Thanks for looking...

Very cute! I'm sure it will make some really pretty girly paper or spring themed papers.

I love it! I think overlays are so fun.


Nice job!

Thank you!

Very cute!

it is so adorable! Thank you for letting us download it, as I did.

That is fun!

This is lovely! Great job!

Oh I love that... so sweet and girly!

Love it! I probably use overlays more than anything else in Photoshop. You did a great job!