ISO: Chicago & Illinois? or Vintage Items?

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ISO: Chicago & Illinois? or Vintage Items?

Looking for stuff to use in a chicago themed album that im gonna be making in july. Anybody know of anything?
Also where do you find vintage themed items?

Jenn: I just edited your post a tad to follow the rules of doing an In Search Of post, as requested here.
This will help others to know at a glance of the title what you need and also others in the future looking for similar to find this original post easier without duplicating searching for the same thing later.
Thanks for you participation here at PS. So glad to have you join us! smiley

hmmm, don't remember seeing any Chicago themes, but vintage I can help with! There are two sites packed with all sorts of vintage images, since you didn't specify what kind of vintage I thought I would link you up to these:

Far Far Hill is a treasure trove of free vintage digital scrapbooking materials.

This Chicago kit looks pretty fun:

I've always thought Scrapping With Liz's state templates looked fun, though I've never had occasion to use one. Here's a link to the Illinois set:

i love your avatar!!!
google came up with this blogChicago Postcards (also has vintage matchbook covers, tickets)
and this site of postcards TuckDB