Blog Trains - April - May

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Blog Trains - April - May

Triune Blog Train - Fathers Strength - starts May 15th

Wilma4Ever May Blog Train - Scrap It Simple - starts May 15th


With iNSD in early May there are sure to be lots of freebies and trains about - please help out by posting their links in the appropriate forum threads

May 2013 DigiScrap Parade

Scrap Orchard Torch Relay on Facebook


Thanks to Jenn

Wilma4Ever - Cute Spring
Paris To NY - A Summer Wedding
Bits N Bobs - Angels And Demons


Thanks to Denise (posts #30 #31 #32) for these ones

Publiscrap Forum Blog Train
Outside The Box - The Brides Attic - art journal style kits
The Lily Pad - Facebook Hop


Starting evening of April 14th till 30th April
First stop for SNP Blog Train - Early Spring
Full list should be posted soon on Scraps N Pieces Blog
Links may be messed up with participants
Ponytails Designs may not be on list
and start of train is wrong but correct link should be above


Triune Blog Train - Above Rubies


LDS Blog Train It's Great To Be 8


Hope For Brady starts April 1st
Scrap To Stuff April Showers Bring May Flowers


Any others out there smiley

Awesome!!! Thanks Liz for sharing these. smiley I'm gonna edit the subject title a little on your's here and then also on the holiday blog train thread I started for consistency and to hopefully make it easier for people to clearly know which to add to for what and/or to search for certain types of Blog/FB hops. smiley

Thanks Shawna smiley , saw that the other one was for holiday only, so I started this one.

Most parts are now up for BT's

Trying to figure out the best way to keep track of blog trains...maybe by month? If anyone sees any other blog trains this month, please leave a comment below.

The "Spring, Love & Others" blog train has 14 stops & starts here:

That is one gorgeous blogtrain! I didn't have time to download things this morning but am looking forward to checking all of it out! Thanks for sharing. smiley

Thank you ladies for sharing these blog trains!! They are beautiful kits!!

Thank you for the great list and links to these Blog Trains. You are very helpful.

oh, NO NO NO, I was trying so hard to cut down my downloading! smiley Well, that's all down the toilet now I've seen these pretty blogtrains... Thanks ladies smiley

Wow, thanks!

Very Pretty designs, do you have any for commercial use?

Coolscrap Digital will be having a CU blog train starting on Saturday March 16, 2013 morning 8am (USA Time Central Standard Time)

Thank you, I will take a look.

I edited the first post to put there the blogtrain I´m participating in + one I found in Sugarbutt´s freebies topic. There´s one on Callalunas freebie topic too, but the first spot isn´t up yet.

The Triune Blog Train has left the station for this month. You can find the first stop HERE

I take part in this one.... A-M Designs

Wow... there are so many! Guess I know what I'll be doing later smiley Thanks!

Thank you Liz, I will grab some glitter.

So many gorgeous freebies!!!

thank you Liz for this post smiley

Ooh, thanks for sharing the Sweet as Spring treasure hunt! I hadn't found that one yet and it sounds fun!

It's so great to have these all in one place, thank you!

Bits-n-Bobs blog train – Angels & deamons – my portion
Here is my portion.
Sugarbutt (JJ)

Thanks for the updates!

Thanks Liz as always for letting us know about any blog trains!!!

Great links.
Thanks again for all the posts in this area.
It's fun to hop from place to
sites I have never seen before. FUN!!

thanks for all the great links!

CU Digitals just started their Choo Choo! CU blogtrain starting here:

Thanks for the great Blog Train.

Publiscrap Forum April Train

This French Forum does a train each month. Look for the individual blog links listed below the preview.

The Bride's Attic Blog Train

Ok, I knew I'd seen another but couldn't find it at first. This train has an art-journaling look.


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