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I know we all digi-scrap, that's why we are here. And I know we all like to be artsy craftsy, again, because we're all here. However, other than digital scrapping, what other arts and crafts do you like. I'd love to see your work!!!

I like paper crafting. I like scrapbooking, card making, and home decore. I haven't had a chance to do much over the last year or so, that's why I picked up digital scrapbooking. For me it has more flexibility. The following is a random card I made a few years ago. It was just quick and fun.


With my Cricut I started playing with vinyl. I made these cups for our Disney Cruise.


I tired knitting and dabbled in cross stitch but I just can't do everything. I am one of those that always has too many projects going on and still looking for something else.

Looks like you had fun. Nice job. I love to do all kinds of crafts.

Those cups are a great idea for a Disney Cruise.

I cross stitch and design cross stitch as well. My business name is The Golden Hoop.
Here are a few of my designs:

And I also do teabag folding, these are baby shower invites I made for my sister-in-laws baby shower:

And I crochet!!

I go through phases. I knit, crochet, scrapbook (digi & paper), make cards, sew, cook, floral arranging (not so much any more, just for friends kids getting married these days). If anyone is really interested in seeing my cards, I put a lot of them on my blog (old blog here: Cat Scrap Fever). I'm kinda flightly when it comes to my crafts. I always have a bunch of projects on the go and sometimes it takes me months to finish a project.

@Jodi, I adore your work! smiley I think it is so cool that you design your own.

Besides paper crafting I airbrush handmade muskie lures and crankbaits and tie flies for fly fishing. It's really fun to create something from scratch and catch dinner with it. smiley

Thank you Heather, and cat, I too work in I am always in my digi design phase, that never goes away. But I only cross stitch about once a week the last few years. Usually I start teabag folding in November, to make ornaments and cards for Christmas. I might pull it all out for a birthday or baby shower and I crochet if my hands are up to it several times a week. Right now I started a zigzag blanket and am working on it every night, full size, for my son and his bride. Trying to get it done by July so they can take it back to California with them after his leave is over. They will be driving back so that will save me some shipping expenses if I can get it done.This winter has been painful for my thumbs for some reason, joints hurt. Too young to feel like this!

Through the years I do various different things. Sew, quilt (machine, I do not like taking time to hand sew and I get nice results), hand and machine embroidery (from clothing to large framed pictures), paint (from pictures to paint on material that I have created quilts), crochet and knit. Mind you like Cat in phases. We moved and were we are now I no longer have a craft room and very much miss it, so I have been spending more time on the computer, but creating there also and putting together the pages to our family history. I have amast over 60 gigs of information, pictures, documents and stories over the past almost 15 years. I have already put together 2 books for my mother and 1 book for my aunt, my father's sister (she had helped with stories and information that led to many wonderful finds.) I paper craft and love putting together paper scrapbooking books. If only I had more time to do everything all of the time.

I have always been a pretty crafty person. Have sewn since I was a teenager-had to since we had six children and I pretty much made all my clothes. Also when I was young made all my Barbie doll clothes! I also crochet and do cross stitching. I tried to paint but am terrible at it. I did ceramics from pouring to firing for over 30 years but unfortunately because of my bad back I cannot do that anymore. I also have done cake decorating for over 30 years, love doing wedding cakes. Most of my paper scrapping revolves around doing specific things for parties with my sister. Last year she had a baby shower and we did the invitations and place cards all that included embossing and stamps. Although not necessarily a craft I did lay tile in my whole house and changed all the molding around my doors and windows (still have to paint though). Now I sew to make clothes for my grand nieces for their Bitty Baby and American Girl dolls (I pretty much have collected ALL the patterns available) - it is really fun and makes them pretty happy! I hate dust and don't have a lot of space in my small house so got tired of my old scrapbooks and photo books "hanging" around so last year I took them all apart and scanned everything, then discarded! Although I tried to paper scrap (had a lot of paper, two Cricuts (which I gave away with hardly any use), and lots of decorative scissors) but again extra stuff "hanging" around so just could not get into it! Then last summer digital scrapping came into my life and it pretty much dominates my time. Trying to really learn how to design now. I love crafts and my husband hates them, oh well!

We lived for 4 years in Sydney Australia away from the family and even though I did some paper scrapping before then, I got into paper scrapping more during that time -worked in 12 x 12 and soon got into doing lots of pockets and folding out bits to have private journalling, keep memorabilia etc. When I got really busy about 18 months ago I started digi and stopped getting my paper stuff out so much. Now we have a home with more room again having returned to NZ in November, I want to do some paper scrapping again. I knitted and crocheted a lot when the family were younger, and I taught myself to cross stitch (mainly little motifs and stuff which I eventually incorporated in my scrapbooks) I am also very interested in Genealogy and some of my documentation crosses over into scrapbooking. More than anything now, I need to get it organised into a better format for people to look at. I scrap randomly over the years as the mood takes me - still have boxes of photos and memorabilia to organise into a creative display. had a go at some art journalling in the past 12 months also, and that sort of crosses over to faith journalling and prayer diary at times as well. Am going to a new craft group - BYO project along, at church this week. I think I will take some paper scrapping with me now I am unpacked - maybe including some stamping. Might have to go down to the local scrapbooking store for a class or two to get some inspiration soon.

You ladies are so talented!

So cute, Heather and Jodi

To be honest, when I started paper scrapping I loved it because it is so forgiving. If something looks terrible I cover it up or cut out and remount (people think it is about texture! LOL!) I have always been in awe of talented card makers because my crafting skills are simply not good enough for a neat uniform result. My one big fear of having gone to digi, is that because I can finally get perfectly formed shapes and make the elements do what I want them to - will I be satisfied with my shortcomings when I get back into paper scrapping. My physical scrapping has always contained my bits of other handcrafts that probably were not good enough for other types of projects. What I do is about achiving, legacy and telling our story and I am proud that both my daughters also are brave enough to have a go, and play around with many handcrafts - developing greater skills in some but never afraid to try.

@Debra: Covering up mistakes makes me think of my sister's scrapbook, which my mom mostly made, which has lots of really weirdly placed elements. Haha. It's fun to look at. My mom is the queen of covering things up with other things to make them look even weirder. She's always changing her spelling mistakes into balloons. Like the middle of a word is a normal place for a balloon...

@Marisa LOL for the baloons and for weird mistakes becoming even weird.

My most current mistake on paper scrap is mess up with glue. Almost all my pages have glue "stains" close to the border of some element, and in almost all sequins. Although I really don´t like it, yesterday I was in need of some way to make this glue appearing from the border of something effect. Well, I had to give up, but it will be fun to do someday.

As for the main subject of our topic, I made different kinds of crafts along the years, I actually started crafting very young. And, when I do paper scrapbooking, all the previous crafts are, sooner or later, used.

This is from when I used to cross-stitch as the main craft (because it´s a "portable" craft and I had lots of free time at work):

A box I painted, decorated and sold some years ago:

An Artist Trading Card that I made last year:

wow! beautiful crafts ladies~!

I literally laughed out loud at covering up your spelling mistakes with balloons. One of my favorite parts of digital scrap booking. I am a terrible speller and even worse at catching my own mistakes. Spell check is a God-send for me. smiley

Lorien, your art is amazing! You are very gifted. smiley Thanks so much for sharing.

Love your art everyone thanks for sharing. Besides digital scrapping, I garden. I enjoy watching everything bloom after taking the time to plant.

Love what all of you have done

Hi everyone - I mainly make cards (for personal use or charity sales). I would not say I was good at it - everything always seems to end up slightly off line LOL - but I enjoy it. I also go through additional phases of cross-stitch, knitting, a little basic jewellery work, photography (again, more enthusiasm than talent) and occasionally baking. I was pleased to see Stevie mention gardening as I do not see this often included in "arts and crafts" but I think it should be. I too love my garden.

Heather, you asked to see our work - thanks to Jordan's helpful advice I have uploaded a selection of my cards and stuff here - feel free to browse. smiley

Your card is quite beautiful, Dawn. I like your line about more enthusiasm than talent... story of my life! smiley

Yes, That is very pretty Dawn!

I love everyone's stitched projects! Heather you've even stitched your image on your card - is that by machine or by hand? and did you die cut the flowers yourself? I would love a die-cutter!

Wauw, you all have your talents. I'm not so good in cross-stitch or knitting,.. I can do a little crochet.
My other hobby is baking cakes. here's a lo with just a few of my cakes. The largest one I made was, when I was 8 months pregnant of my 4th child on a hot summer day, a 5 layered cake for 100 persons. I did had stress that day.

Fabulous - you've made me hungry!! I can bake but I don't particularly enjoy it and I have never tried decorating cakes other than a swirl of butter cream smiley Your fire engine is fabulous!

thanks, I made that cake for the fire departement in our town. you have to reward them now and then for saving our lives, right! i was 9months pregnant at the time. i have no idea, how I pulled that one throuh

Dana, your cakes are amazing! I wish I could make cakes like that. I often try but they never ever turn out.

Wow, what a fun group of talented ladies! I don't think there is a craft I don't like, perhaps knitting... but I'm taking a class with my mom so that I get better smiley

I'm really in to cross stitching as well, I find it so relaxing to just spend a few hours thinking of nothing but the pattern.